Marois is Not even Elected yet and She is already Threatening Harper!

Marois: Get your dukes up Harper I am coming to get you!

Recent polls the weekend before the Quebec election show the Pauline Marois led PQ on their way to a slim majority. We can hope upon hope that like Alberta ( No Christy you are toasts,nothing can save you or the Liberal brand) that they are wrong like they were in Alberta.

We can also hope that Quebecers waken from the nightmare that is their summer election and vote a little common sense rather than an expensive referendum.

There has been no beating around the bush in this campaign from Marois, if she gets elected she is taking the fight to Ottawa immediately.

Marois and her party will do anything to create the dreaded “winning conditions” that will send her province and the country into the great separatist divide.

At a time when the whole world is not only reporting economic turmoil but the potential for war, Canada can ill afford to get side tracked by this nonsense.

I hope though that Prime Minister Harper is ready with his dukes up should the need arise.

Canada cannot give into any separatist demands. This is not the time.

But it’s not too late and hopefully “money and the ethnic vote” are standing by ready to send the separatists packing again.

What do you think will be the outcome of the Quebec election?

Jacques Parizeau: Enter the Dragon!

The Return of Freddy Krueger!

Mr. Money and the Ethnic vote himself has stuck his foot in the mess that is the Quebec election.

Today, Mr.Parizeau, a racist and a bigot that Pauline Marois tried to one up beofre she went scurrying back to her hole, stepped into the limelight and endorsed Jean-Martin Aussant of the party Option Nationale.

Not only that but he put his money where his filthy mouth is and kicked in $200 to Aussant’s campaign.

I beg to differ , however, that this vote of confidence will hurt the PQ’s chances of majority.

Marois probably already did that with all her racist backpedaling of the last week.

However that endorsement by knucklehead Parizeau might actually help her chances.

Quebecer”s might take to mean that Marois won’t launch the referendum and be more inclined to vote her way as an act of faux change.

Stranger things have happened in Quebec politics.

What do you think will happen next?

Will Mr. Qu’elle on continue himself come out of the closet?

Marois: Tabernac! The Liberals are ahead in the polls!

Jean Charest: Can he pull a rabbit out of the hat?

A Forum research poll just released shows Jean Charest’s Liberals making a dramatic comeback after the televised French leadership debate.

If this poll holds he would actually increase his seat numbers in the house.

Truthfully, he ate CAQ Leader Francois Legault alive in tonight’s English language debate so I would expect him to get even a larger bounce in the next poll.

It also makes former Liberal organizer,Jean-Paul Boily look like even a bigger knucklehead for encouraging his fellow Liberals to stick the royal shiv in Charest’s back and vote CAQ.

This is starting to get exciting and now the man who coined the phrase “The Bloc is a Croc” has a chance to win it again!

What do you think : Is Charest the consummate campaigner who can pull a lapin out of the chapeau and win again?

Quebec Leaders Debate could go along way to deciding election!

Which one of these folks has the most to gain?

The French language leadership debate happens tonight in Quebec and for Jean Charest there really is no tomorrow. If he is to make up ground and surpass the other three parties he must come out swinging and put the boots to Marios and her separatist platform.

The Coaltion Avenir Quebec leader, Francois Legault has to prove to the electorate that his party is a viable alternative to Charest’s Liberals.

He also has to send a message to those people considering parking their votes with knucklehead Marois and the PQ that there is a reasonable more sane place to vote that will include what Quebec wants and no threat of a referendum.

For the Quebec Solidaire and spokesman Francoise David they have to prove to separatists that they actually exist and that they are abetter alternative than the PQ. I believe they are a non-entity in this election.

Marois has to show the people that her party is not made up of Xenophobic racist separatists. For her this is no small order given that’s what her platform reeks of.

Who has the most to lose?

Charest and Marois.

The Coalition Avenir stands to gain the most if Charest and Marois flounder.

They win if Charest looks like he is trying to cover something up and they win if Marois looks like the racist old hag she is.

A good performance by Legault and the election is his to lose.

What do you think?

Pauline Marois: Election Campaigns are no place for platforms!

Tommy Mulcair: I will save the day; next time.

Sounding a bit like Kim Campbell, Pauline Marois refuses to divulge anything about her party’s platform until at least the leaders debate.

She is taking her lead in the polls and the voters for granted and not saying anything that might trip her up except: She is telling anybody who will listen that she has had a transition team in place for a few weeks.


She and her party have gone on record today saying they don’t care what the courts say, their religion plan is a go!

Add to that:

The threat of an expensive referendum and it begs the question:

Why would anybody in their right mind vote for them?

We will let Tommy Mulcair have the last word:” We think there is a place for us on the Quebec Chessboard

What do you think about all this?

Christy Clark’s Antic’s Spread East!

Marois: In the extortion Olympics,Clark will seem like a rank amateur compared to me!

Today it was revealed, in a page out of the Christy Clark text-book on stupidity, Opposition Leader and Chief Knucklehead for the Parti Quebecois , Pauline Marois, will challenge the recent agreement with the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Under cover of the environment the Parti Quebecois will no doubt demand its Fair Share” otherwise it will threaten to block any further talk about oil.

Between the cement head in Quebec and her twin in BC ,Prime Minister Harper and is team are close to being stuck between “une roche et un endroit dur”

Speaking of rock’s and hard places, word has it The beaver had a rough day after the Quebec solidaire gave it the boot from Quebec in their recent election ad portraying what else, separation.

Maybe a local politician or two will watch the ad, draw a picture of BC and give Clark the boot for starting this latest round of extortion.

What do you think?

Clark and Marois: Two Extortionist Peas in a Pod!

If Clark can pull this crap why not me?

With talk of a Quebec election the talk of the never-ending referendum has started up again.

This time Quebec MNA and nutcase Bernard Drainville, in anticipation of an election victory ( read: taking the Quebec electorate for granted) unveiled extortion plans to get the referendum happening when the PQ get to power.

Why shouldn’t Marois and her team get into the act?

It comes on the heels of last weeks hijacking of the Premiers meeting by dimwitted BC Premier Christy Clark who stood on her soap box in what will no doubt be a vain attempt to extort money from Alberta and buy votes from the good citizens of BC.

This is obviously a case of monkey see monkey do as Clark looks in the mirror and sees Marois and vice versa!

Stuck in the middle? Some say Prime Minister Harper.

The real answer is the taxpayer who will no doubt foot the bill for these shenanigans.

Had enough yet?

Who do you think will do the Extortion Shuffle next?

Coalition Avenir Quebec kicks off Potential Election by Turfing Candidate!

Sovereignists Racists? Where did you ever get an idea like that?

Coalition Avenir Quebec Candidate Kamal Lufti was turfed by his party today for tweeting that sovereignists are racists.

A great start from the new party who wants to make an impact on an election some say will be called August 1st.

Wonder how that compares to some of the things today’s student demonstrators more than likely were saying about Jean Charest and his Liberals?

The unfortunate thing was that Lufti was not necessarily wrong, given the closing remarks of head Separatist Klansman Jacques Parizeau after the last referendum.

After-all they did lose that vote because of money and the ethnic vote didn’t they?

Pauline Marois: Do you need proof she is a Dimwit?

What ya know we have found an Organ Grinders Monkey!

Pauline Marois gets the Dimwit of the day award, thank god.

Here she is clanging the symbols together with the student protestors in the streets of Montreal.

Could a person who wants to be Premier be any stupider?

Charest should call an election today!

And we in BC thought we were the only ones that laid claim to their very own Dimwit,it seems Christy Clark has company!

Can anything top this?

Two Faced Marois drops Red Square as National Unity debate rears it’s Ugly Head!

Not this Crap again!

Raise your hand if you are in the mood for another round of National Unity BS.

With the recent by-election win by the PQ that kinda of talk is once again in the air.

In her usual I will do what ever it takes to create the winning conditions for a referendum pose, PQ Leader Pauline Marios has ceased wearing the red square she had on during the height of the student protests.

She says she took it off for St.Jean Baptiste day, I say with a potential election on the horizon, her handlers told her that the voters would think her an idiot for continuing to support the union backed student demonstrations and riots.

Can Quebec and Canada afford to get into this divisive issue a this point in out history?

Canada’s economy is fragile enough without the voters in Quebec handing Marois and her group of treasonous MNAs a reason to have a costly referendum which will no doubt cause markets to rattle and tank worse than they already are.

To show the seriousness of the situation, Prime Minister Harper went to visit former PM Brian Mulroney and current Premier of Quebec Jean Charest just to get their point of view on how to handle this potential crisis.

I wonder if he asked Charest how he got us into this mess?

Tonight PM Harper will follow-up those meetings with a speech targeted at revitalizing the party in the province and yes lay the foundation for a Quebec appeal.

Harper’s team also says they will work with whoever wins the election even if it’s the PQ.

Of course Tommy Mulcair says this is too little to late.

One can only imagine the state of unity if Mulcair and the dippers were in charge of the file.

They would give Quebec whatever is left of the Canadian farm while taxing the rest of us to pay for it.

Do you think Quebec will plunge us into a national unity debate with the world economy teetering on the brink?