Marois is Not even Elected yet and She is already Threatening Harper!

Marois: Get your dukes up Harper I am coming to get you!

Recent polls the weekend before the Quebec election show the Pauline Marois led PQ on their way to a slim majority. We can hope upon hope that like Alberta ( No Christy you are toasts,nothing can save you or the Liberal brand) that they are wrong like they were in Alberta.

We can also hope that Quebecers waken from the nightmare that is their summer election and vote a little common sense rather than an expensive referendum.

There has been no beating around the bush in this campaign from Marois, if she gets elected she is taking the fight to Ottawa immediately.

Marois and her party will do anything to create the dreaded “winning conditions” that will send her province and the country into the great separatist divide.

At a time when the whole world is not only reporting economic turmoil but the potential for war, Canada can ill afford to get side tracked by this nonsense.

I hope though that Prime Minister Harper is ready with his dukes up should the need arise.

Canada cannot give into any separatist demands. This is not the time.

But it’s not too late and hopefully “money and the ethnic vote” are standing by ready to send the separatists packing again.

What do you think will be the outcome of the Quebec election?

15 thoughts on “Marois is Not even Elected yet and She is already Threatening Harper!”

  1. I wonder if Liberals in the MSM in Quebec and RoC are pushing up the value of anti-NDP rhetoric to advance their cause of Boy Wonder, heir apparent Justin Trudeau. Paint a sordid drama of 50+1 NDP/separatists on one hand; while, with the other hand present the defender of the Liberal Confederate faith, and all that was his father’s vision of Confederation. Need a bogeywoman to demonize so one can rally the troops, n’est pas?

  2. Harper does not have to get ready for a fight with these fools.
    If the PQ is elected than Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out of Canada .
    Allow the whole place to turn into a gigantic landfill than when they realize that they are SOL pull a Nancey Reagen on em.
    Two birds here – what would the NDP do when they lose Jacks majority?

  3. A PQ minority,
    then Charest uses his incumbency to form a coalition of losers majority with CAQ and keep govt.

    The seppies (and Charest) have always demonized PMSH, so there isn’t anything new they can throw at him after the election.
    I’m sure the ROC can deal with whatever Quebecers decide on Tuesday.

  4. French talking Quebecers have destroyed the soul of this nation and it’s well past the time to partition that Bigoted, backward Province, stop the obscene waste of money on forced french (bilingualism), 1.3 trillion and counting, and say goodbye to the whole tribal mess. Bye bye Quebec… can’t come soon enough.

  5. When she is told that if Canada is divisible, so is Quebec, That a divorse is a full divorse, that Canada won’t let its passport be used by independent Quebeckers, that Quebec will owe canada for federal land that is part of the future Quebec – she will change her tune. She likely does not realize that a government can be formed without Quebec – unless you are the NDP of course.

    I am really interested in the box that the NDP will have for itself if the PQ wins.

      1. Mulcair will tie himself in knots, throwing up all kinds of dust to obscure the fact that he and his party are toast. If he sides with the Conservatives, he losses his Quebec seats; if sides with the separatists he loses the rest of Canada. No matter which way he goes, Harper wins every time he says no to Marois.

  6. The sooner she calls for separation as she promised to do; the better off the ROC will be.

    Quebec legislation assembly doesn’t have the Canadian flag; only the Quebec’s flag stands by the Speaker’s chair, which tells me that they have no use for Canada to carry our nation’s flag but are eager to suck up our money.

    France is always will to accept you Marios… oh wait, I stand incorrect.. France doesn’t like Quebec.

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