Marois: Tabernac! The Liberals are ahead in the polls!

Jean Charest: Can he pull a rabbit out of the hat?

A Forum research poll just released shows Jean Charest’s Liberals making a dramatic comeback after the televised French leadership debate.

If this poll holds he would actually increase his seat numbers in the house.

Truthfully, he ate CAQ Leader Francois Legault alive in tonight’s English language debate so I would expect him to get even a larger bounce in the next poll.

It also makes former Liberal organizer,Jean-Paul Boily look like even a bigger knucklehead for encouraging his fellow Liberals to stick the royal shiv in Charest’s back and vote CAQ.

This is starting to get exciting and now the man who coined the phrase “The Bloc is a Croc” has a chance to win it again!

What do you think : Is Charest the consummate campaigner who can pull a lapin out of the chapeau and win again?

12 thoughts on “Marois: Tabernac! The Liberals are ahead in the polls!”

  1. Well I suppose if McGuinty can pull it off three times Charest should be able to pull this one off. He cannot be any worse than McGuinty.

  2. Sad really, this Quebec election will dictate Canada’s path for next decade, if the Liberals and Charest can pull this out it clears a path for Mr Harpers Conservatives for the next 2 elections and, will drag this Country off of our Socialist Liberal path of self destruction, ie Greece and Spain and Italy, yet, people like David Markin seem to think it doesnt matter. David, people like you are what happened to Europe, people like you like to blame the “politicians” when in reality its the “who gives a flying fuck” generation that are to blame, yet, you’ll be the first one whining.
    Un-friggin believable.

  3. Let’s hope so, because Canada cannot afford social instability from xenophobe racists, cultural bigots and the radical separatist thorn a PQ gov’t poses to national unity. Conservatives need federalist minded Liberals to ensure Canada’s economic stability in these tough times.

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