Christy Clark: Queen of the Lousy Poll results!

Another lousy poll.I don't know what to do! Uh Resign Christy and watch your approval rating soar!

In the old days the expression was another day another dollar. Nowadays it’s another poll another Lousy Poll result for the Queen of lousy poll results, Inept Premier Christy Clark.

In a page right out of the old “Get Smart” TV series the BC Liberals have taken to hiding Clark in what one newspaper calls the cone of silence.

In Clark’s case they probably should have dubbed it” The Conehead of Silence” in her honor.

Polls also reveal that women are not buying the drivel that Clark is selling.

This is extremely bad news for Clark and her few remaining followers. As Blogger/Commentator Alex G. Tsakumis points out, no premier has won an election without 50% or more support from Women.

The Forum poll also showed BC Conservative Has passed Clark in popular support dropping her into third place.

It’s no small wonder why Cummins would have nothing to do with a merger with The Clark Liberal party.

Could be those by-elections could have a lot to do with the Premier’s future.

What do you think?

Election Sign Vandalism a sign of a mental midget or two on the loose!

Anybody seen Jaspal Atwal lately?

I heard the news out of Chilliwack today wherein BC Conservative Candidate John Martin’s team had to repair some 30 vandalized or missing election signs.

It brought back memories of the Federal Election one year ago. Daily ( I was the Campaign Manager for the Conservatives in Fleetwood Port Kells) our signs would be trashed. In particular we would get signs totally destroyed or missing along 176th Ave.

We would get phone calls and reports from the field that Jaspal Atwal was seen causing all the mayhem.

I used to tell the sign guys it was no big deal and anybody that had that kinda time on their hands had a few screws loose between their ears. Just repair and move on and don’t confront him. An election sign is not worth getting hurt over.

Don’t have any pictures but now that we know all the budget day BS with Jaspal, the Premier and the BC Liberals kinda makes a person wonder doesn’t it?

Chilliwack is not that far from 176th. Maybe he took the show on the road.

Who knows? I don’t, do you?

” B.C. Liberal policies could be copied and pasted into the NDP’s platform in neighbouring Alberta and no one would know the difference.”

Two Socialist Peas in a pod : NDP and NDP Lite

In British Columbia we have been discussing the differences between the BC Liberals (NDP Lite) and the NDP .

I have argued that the current government with its tax and spend policies is not much different from its socialist cousins, the BCNDP.

Today comes a piece from Jesse Kline in the National Post that deals with the resurgence of the right in the west and equates BC Liberal policy to that of the Alberta NDP.

The Alberta PC Party with its left leaning leader, Premier Alison Redford started the current Alberta election with a big lead in polls but seen that lead evaporate to the point where it looks like they are going to be swept out of office by the upstart Wildrose party.

Things are so tough for the Redford Tories that She has taken to airwaves to dissuade Albertans from paying attention to leaders and spending more time considering local candidates.

This strategy never works and certainly won’t work here.

Over in BC the BC Conservatives watch this with interest for a number of reasons.

Firstly we are a scant few weeks away from by elections of our own that could set the trend for the general election a year or from now.

Secondly, NDP Leader Dix has already slipped up with his recent fare-beating episode. A few more of these and our own upstart Conservative Party could ride the Western to victory.

What of the BC Liberals? Can they come back? Anything is possible in politics but they have an inept leader for a Premier and a House Leader who would rather be a senator.

Hardly a recipe for winning a provincial election.

What do you think?

BC LIberal Throness blames sagging poll numbers on irritants

The biggest irritant to the BC Liberal lousy poll numbers is incompetent Premier Clark

BC Liberal candidate today blamed the BC Liberal lousy poll numbers on ” irritants”. He listed such things as HST and a rise in ICBC premiums.

Uh why stop at two Laurie?

What about the BC Hydro Increase? Increased gas taxes? Increased carbon taxes?

What about The senate bill slowed down by Liberal House leader Rich Coleman? Could Coleman have slowed that down for his own benefit?

Or What about the biggest “irritant” of them all? That would be knucklehead Premier Christy Clark; the veritable queen of the gaffe?

Those sagging poll numbers are there not just because of a few minor irritants but because of a high level of incompetence and mistrust of a tired, worn out government.

Have I missed anything?

Welcome to Premier Christy Clark’s job killing plan!

Christy Clark:I told them I would get them a family day!

I blogged back in February during all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the Premier’s Photo-op regarding her new Family day that it would be a job killer and not provide the level of comfort for families that the Premier had intended.

I am sorry to say I was right but job figures released this morning show employers took a collective ” this is going to cost me a fortune, I better start planning for this now approach to hiring” and scaled back full-time jobs in favor of part-time ones.

Mostly likely, at some point today, the BC Liberal government will try to put a positive spin on the creation of 7,200 part-time jobs.

Nothing they can say or do will make up for the loss of 8900 full-time jobs , especially given all the new rate increases taxpayers incurred at the beginning of this month.

With polls showing the BC Voters are leaning towards voting in the NDP and all their job killing payroll taxes, the Premier is placing British Columbia in a very perilous position.

We surely don’t want to become a have not province, do we?

It seems everything this Premier and her government touch turns to mud.

What will they screw up next?

More sleaze from the BC Liberal fundraising front lines!



This just in ! ( I always wanted to say that) Jonathan Fowlie  breaks a story regarding SFU funds being handed over to the Liberals.

Liberal Party Executive Director Chad Pederson says all money received in 2012 will be returned .

Forgive me for saying this but why Chad? A) because it’s the right thing to do?  or B) because once again your guys got caught?

Why only funds received in 2012?

Why doesn’t inept premier Christy Clark stand on the Photo Op soap box ala Paul Martin and Adscam and do a full audit on the SFU books?

This would never happen federally because of the accountability act.

But here in BC Liberals being what they are always find loopholes..

What next?

Any ideas?

Alberta is getting ready to clean house ; so should BC.



Polls show Alberta is getting ready to Clean house and sweep the left leaning PC government from power.

Meanwhile over in BC. Polls show left lite is going to be swept from power and replaced with a hard left leaning government.

Maybe BC’ers should pay attention and join the Alberta express and pitch out both Left parties,BC Liberals and NDP.

With over 12 months until a general election and the BC Conservatives surging, anything is possible.

Maybe then we would get a handle on taxes and get our cost of living in order.

As is now,  if the BC trend continues expect a mass exodus of our citizens to the land of Zero sales tax.

What do you think?

Is that the right way to go?

The Christy Clark Liberals: As hard as we try we still have not hit rock bottom!

Gawd: I can't believe how much this job ages me!

Just like a mobster ducking a hit; British Columbia Premier Christy Clark slipped out the back hallways of the hotel without answering questions about the latest poll. ( Where was pit bull and PR knucklehead Sara MacIntyre ?)

Polls conducted and released today by Angus Reid show a mass exodus of support form the gaffe prone B.C. Liberals to the B.C. Conservatives.

This poll was conducted after MLA John Van Dongen announced last week he was tearing up his B.C.Liberal membership card and crossing the floor to sit as an independent. He of course , as you know by now, took out a membership in the B.C. Conservative Party.

The poll revealed the party of the inept premier Clark and Wind Bag Rich Coleman have now dropped into a tie with the BC.Conservatives at 23% of decided voters.

The poll also showed that with all the sleaze and corruption caused by the B.C. Liberals including but not limited to: their dealings around the HST, B.C>. Rail and Basi Virk, BC’ers are almost ready to lose their minds and vote in the NDP to a majority.

With the by-elections on the horizon and John Van Dongen retaining counsel to try to sort out the B.C. Rail mess, The B.C. Liberals have yet to hit rock bottom.

To put a little more egg on the face of her party our Illustrious Premier went out for a photo-op today to unveil her parties “New ” transportation strategy. Problem is over half of that had already been announced to the public last February.

These Plans were unveiled to the public at that annual soiree known as budget day where Clark’s team invited such dignitaries as Jaspal Atwal

With the Conservative surge it will be only a short time from now when polls reflect that they are the only viable alternative to the NDP.

Given all their fear mongering and bullshit about splitting the vote, the Christy Clark team should consider standing down and surrendering their government prior to the general election , that is if they have the best interest of the province at heart!

What are your thoughts?

Sean Leslie lets B.C. Liberal Wind Bag Rich Coleman off the hook!

Phew! Leslie could have asked me about all the taxes that went up today!

On a day when the cost of living took a big jump upward in BC, CKNW’s Sean Leslie had the chance to hold accountable B.C. Liberal Wind Bag Rich Coleman for all the various taxes that increased April 1st.

Instead, Leslie pulled out his B.C.Liberal membership card and provided Coleman with yet another platform to stand on a criticize former B.C. Liberal seat mate John Van Dongen.

This comes on the heels of Coleman’s vicious attack on Van Dongen last week.

Between all of the gaffes caused by Coleman’s boss Premier Christy Clark and the minister himself not being able to keep his mouth in check, it sounds like The Clark team ought to hire themselves a Psychologist.

It seems like they are all coming apart at the seams. They could also invite Leslie to join them for a session , it seems that like the Premier, Leslie’s leak story lacks substance!

What do you think?