Welcome to Premier Christy Clark’s job killing plan!

Christy Clark:I told them I would get them a family day!

I blogged back in February during all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the Premier’s Photo-op regarding her new Family day that it would be a job killer and not provide the level of comfort for families that the Premier had intended.

I am sorry to say I was right but job figures released this morning show employers took a collective ” this is going to cost me a fortune, I better start planning for this now approach to hiring” and scaled back full-time jobs in favor of part-time ones.

Mostly likely, at some point today, the BC Liberal government will try to put a positive spin on the creation of 7,200 part-time jobs.

Nothing they can say or do will make up for the loss of 8900 full-time jobs , especially given all the new rate increases taxpayers incurred at the beginning of this month.

With polls showing the BC Voters are leaning towards voting in the NDP and all their job killing payroll taxes, the Premier is placing British Columbia in a very perilous position.

We surely don’t want to become a have not province, do we?

It seems everything this Premier and her government touch turns to mud.

What will they screw up next?