The Christy Clark Liberals: As hard as we try we still have not hit rock bottom!

Gawd: I can't believe how much this job ages me!

Just like a mobster ducking a hit; British Columbia Premier Christy Clark slipped out the back hallways of the hotel without answering questions about the latest poll. ( Where was pit bull and PR knucklehead Sara MacIntyre ?)

Polls conducted and released today by Angus Reid show a mass exodus of support form the gaffe prone B.C. Liberals to the B.C. Conservatives.

This poll was conducted after MLA John Van Dongen announced last week he was tearing up his B.C.Liberal membership card and crossing the floor to sit as an independent. He of course , as you know by now, took out a membership in the B.C. Conservative Party.

The poll revealed the party of the inept premier Clark and Wind Bag Rich Coleman have now dropped into a tie with the BC.Conservatives at 23% of decided voters.

The poll also showed that with all the sleaze and corruption caused by the B.C. Liberals including but not limited to: their dealings around the HST, B.C>. Rail and Basi Virk, BC’ers are almost ready to lose their minds and vote in the NDP to a majority.

With the by-elections on the horizon and John Van Dongen retaining counsel to try to sort out the B.C. Rail mess, The B.C. Liberals have yet to hit rock bottom.

To put a little more egg on the face of her party our Illustrious Premier went out for a photo-op today to unveil her parties “New ” transportation strategy. Problem is over half of that had already been announced to the public last February.

These Plans were unveiled to the public at that annual soiree known as budget day where Clark’s team invited such dignitaries as Jaspal Atwal

With the Conservative surge it will be only a short time from now when polls reflect that they are the only viable alternative to the NDP.

Given all their fear mongering and bullshit about splitting the vote, the Christy Clark team should consider standing down and surrendering their government prior to the general election , that is if they have the best interest of the province at heart!

What are your thoughts?