” B.C. Liberal policies could be copied and pasted into the NDP’s platform in neighbouring Alberta and no one would know the difference.”

Two Socialist Peas in a pod : NDP and NDP Lite

In British Columbia we have been discussing the differences between the BC Liberals (NDP Lite) and the NDP .

I have argued that the current government with its tax and spend policies is not much different from its socialist cousins, the BCNDP.

Today comes a piece from Jesse Kline in the National Post that deals with the resurgence of the right in the west and equates BC Liberal policy to that of the Alberta NDP.

The Alberta PC Party with its left leaning leader, Premier Alison Redford started the current Alberta election with a big lead in polls but seen that lead evaporate to the point where it looks like they are going to be swept out of office by the upstart Wildrose party.

Things are so tough for the Redford Tories that She has taken to airwaves to dissuade Albertans from paying attention to leaders and spending more time considering local candidates.

This strategy never works and certainly won’t work here.

Over in BC the BC Conservatives watch this with interest for a number of reasons.

Firstly we are a scant few weeks away from by elections of our own that could set the trend for the general election a year or from now.

Secondly, NDP Leader Dix has already slipped up with his recent fare-beating episode. A few more of these and our own upstart Conservative Party could ride the Western to victory.

What of the BC Liberals? Can they come back? Anything is possible in politics but they have an inept leader for a Premier and a House Leader who would rather be a senator.

Hardly a recipe for winning a provincial election.

What do you think?