Election Sign Vandalism a sign of a mental midget or two on the loose!

Anybody seen Jaspal Atwal lately?

I heard the news out of Chilliwack today wherein BC Conservative Candidate John Martin’s team had to repair some 30 vandalized or missing election signs.

It brought back memories of the Federal Election one year ago. Daily ( I was the Campaign Manager for the Conservatives in Fleetwood Port Kells) our signs would be trashed. In particular we would get signs totally destroyed or missing along 176th Ave.

We would get phone calls and reports from the field that Jaspal Atwal was seen causing all the mayhem.

I used to tell the sign guys it was no big deal and anybody that had that kinda time on their hands had a few screws loose between their ears. Just repair and move on and don’t confront him. An election sign is not worth getting hurt over.

Don’t have any pictures but now that we know all the budget day BS with Jaspal, the Premier and the BC Liberals kinda makes a person wonder doesn’t it?

Chilliwack is not that far from 176th. Maybe he took the show on the road.

Who knows? I don’t, do you?