Christy Clark: Queen of the Lousy Poll results!

Another lousy poll.I don't know what to do! Uh Resign Christy and watch your approval rating soar!

In the old days the expression was another day another dollar. Nowadays it’s another poll another Lousy Poll result for the Queen of lousy poll results, Inept Premier Christy Clark.

In a page right out of the old “Get Smart” TV series the BC Liberals have taken to hiding Clark in what one newspaper calls the cone of silence.

In Clark’s case they probably should have dubbed it” The Conehead of Silence” in her honor.

Polls also reveal that women are not buying the drivel that Clark is selling.

This is extremely bad news for Clark and her few remaining followers. As Blogger/Commentator Alex G. Tsakumis points out, no premier has won an election without 50% or more support from Women.

The Forum poll also showed BC Conservative Has passed Clark in popular support dropping her into third place.

It’s no small wonder why Cummins would have nothing to do with a merger with The Clark Liberal party.

Could be those by-elections could have a lot to do with the Premier’s future.

What do you think?