The Death of the BC Liberal Brand!

We are not Malcontents!

Over the next days and weeks there will be countless discussions on the Liberal brand both federally and with the British Colombian election eleven months away provincially.

Lots will be said about who will want to run for the Federal Liberals when the question should probably be what will the eventual winner actually be leading.

Here in BC the discussion will be centered around the BC Liberals changing their name, Christy Clark’s leadership and the horror of a Dix led NDP win.

Prompted by Michael Smyth’s eight handy hints for Clark, I thought I would kick off discussion today with a look at the hints and reasons why Clark and the Liberals are doomed to lose.

Smyth’s article presupposes that people ( like MLA van Dongen and volunteer campaign workers like me) are malcontents because we left the party.

Nothing could be further than the truth.

I left because I had enough. I heard a Campbell speech in 1999 that started with I want to be Premier because I want BC to be a place my kids can grow up in,work here and live here.

In 2009 Campbell made a speech at his nomination that said I want to be Premier to build a province that my Grandchildren can live here and work here.

Same Speech 10 years later meant to me they had done nothing in the first 10 years of their mandate.

What life the BC Liberal party had for me died that night.

That combined with HST,Basi Virk etc. was and is a party that I no longer wanted to be associated with.

For John,the BC liberal Brand died later,but died it did.

When he left( that took courage), as you have heard van Dongen says countless times, it was because he wanted open honest accountable government. He has added that he wants to work in a government that both he and the electorate can trust.

This is not happening now and will not happen under the BC Liberals, Clark and the smoke and mirrors of a name change now.

People like John and I want to build a better BC that all of us can be proud of and that includes the people we elect to government.

We can’t do it under the Liberals and we cant do it with the same people under a different name.

People do not trust her government and they won’t no matter what she does between now and next May.

Scaling back her holidays to 4 weeks as Bob Plecas suggests probably throws most British Columbians for a loop as well. Lets face it,when most people start a new job they only get 2 weeks after year one.
Add to that, the more times she is snapped smiling at summer barbeques the more her poll results will drop. With the house out, people will just assume she is on one long summer vacation.

I believe that most people live by the old adage that he or she who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.

For the Clark government to throw stones at Dix will endanger what little bit of a glass house the Liberal team has left.

Clark has not shown leadership since she was chosen to be Premier by the Liberal Party. An example of which is her stance on the pipeline.

Whatever she decides to do with this now will look like an act of a desperate politician . ( She is)

Finally, the handy hints and most discussion regarding re-branding and the fate of the Liberal party in BC leaves out is this: Dix’s poll results could be rising because the left leaning liberals have left the Clark tent.

Every time she pretends to be a Conservative more lefties leave the Liberal party, driving her poll numbers down even further.

What’s ahead? Certain electoral defeat for Clark and her team.

There is no way around it!

What do you think?

Christy Clark Hits New Low!

I wonder If Clark will blow out Mario today?

Mario Canseco will no doubt be in for another tongue lashing today from simple-minded Premier Christy Clark over the latest Angus Reid poll.

Seems Clark finished right near the bottom ( Since most of you reading think she is a bottom feeder it’s probably an appropriate place).

Actually most people look at her that way as 3 out of 5 constituents disapproved of her!

To put Clark’s accomplishment in perspective both Dalton McGuinty and Quebec’s favorite whipping boy Jean Charest finished ahead of her.

Yesterday we heard from Clark Economic Advisor Jim Shepard who said he wished people would see Clark they way he does.

Uh Jim you might want to remove those rose-colored glasses and get a feel for how the voting public feels.

At some point today you will probably hear Clark say she doesn’t pay attention to poll results.

The genie is out of the bottle on that, given during her last tirade it was revealed that the BC Liberals have hired Angus Reid to do polling in the past.

If you didn’t pay attention to poll results why would you hire polling companies?

What do you think of poll results and in particular what do you think of Premier Clark?

You should have kept the 1$ Mr.Sheppard!

Not even this man can save Christy Clark

Cue the Music! Dun Dun Du Dun Dun Da; you know the theme from Mission Impossible.

Jim Sheppard quit his $1 per yer job as Christy Clark’s economic adviser to start a support group for the inept Premier.

Firstly who cares and more importantly NOT EVEN TOM CRUISE CAN SAVE CHRISTY CLARK!

Things are that bad that advisers are leaving to start support groups and the election hasn’t even happened yet!

In fact you should be shocked that Sheppard leaving is the biggest news out of the leaders dinner.

Apparently 1700 people in attendance and all Clark and Sheppard could do was go hat in hand and beg them to join a support group.

Without rehashing everything my recent bonehead post,nothing will save Clark or the BC Liberals. Not even a name change.

Add to that the Filipna Folly from last weekend and Clark is toast.

If Mr.Sheppard thinks he can pull an end around on John Cummins people he doesn’t understand what is driving the BC Conservative and the people that support them.

It`s the same thing the electorate wants and Clark and crew can`t provide it.


Reaching out to the so-called invisible people who Sheppard referred to is akin to telling the electorate that the hidden elite will be enough to prop up Clark’s tired Leadership.

All the smoke and mirrors and BS will not save Clark and anybody associated with her government.

As Alex Tsakumis says your Premier is a dummy and as I consistently say your government is through.

What do you think?

Christy Clark Lied!

Habitual story teller and liar Christy Clark at the Philippine Independence Festival

At the Philippine Independence Day festivities Christy Clark told the Crowd she was the first Premier to visit their country.

Fact check: She wasn’t!

Any junior researcher could have dug these facts up before the Premier’s speech.

Either she was speaking off the cuff once again or she lied.

This is a pattern for Clark who has gaffed and told tales numerous times during her short stint as the BC Liberals wring headed choice for Premier.

If she says it’s an innocent mistake what does this make you think about her reviews and research if they can’t even get this fact right?

Ask yourself this: If she will tell a tale like this how many lies and tales has she told covering up bigger things.

Makes you think it’s time for a public inquiry into BC Rail doesn’t it!

This Premier is an embarrassment to the province and the whole political system.

Imagine how all these people who had their picture taken with her feel. Imagine being shoulder to shoulder with someone who just lied to you with a smile.

She needs to be replaced.

Surely even her party can see that by now!

Christy Clark will do and say anything to get your vote!

The Evil Queen!

Christy Clark is evil. She will do and say anything to get a vote.

Today she told a packed Philippine Independence Day that in her heart she was Filipina.

She then went around the crowd asking if they wanted a picture with her.

They were surprised.

Why would they be? This is the Queen of photo-ops who will do anything and say anything to get your vote.

What will she say or do next?

Any thoughts?

John van Dongen awarded intervenor status!

BC Newest Intervenor!

Today a big victory for the BC Taxpayer!

John van Dongen was granted intervenor status in the Basi-Virk indemnity review case.

This is unique in that John is an elected MLA representing British Columbians. Our voice will now be heard!

Maybe now we can get to the bottom of this charade.

Perhaps we will find out why two government lackeys were allowed to write of $6 million in legal fees, well over their defined limit of $100,000. ( how do you say cover up?)

Well done John. We are all very proud of you!

Christy Clark and The BC Liberals:Catalyst for Failure!

Brad Wall a Great Leader, Christy Clark out of her league

The government under Christy Clark and the BC Liberals brings to mind the sad tale of Emperor Nero in the stories of ancient Rome.

You remember the tale told that when Nero fiddled Rome burned.

Well guess what and her team are fiddling BC is catching fire.

Evidence of that would be their incompetence on both the Catalyst and the Dutch Elm disease files.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is making a name for himself with his adept handling of the issue with an intellectual argument showing Leader Mulcair statement would result in higher resource taxes. In an even smarter move he asked Mulcair to explain what he meant.( Was this to be a revival of the National Energy Program? More carbon taxes?)

What was BC Premier Christy Clark’s response?

This is goofy!

This leads us to events this week and the cover up and abomination that was her non-attendance at the Western premier summit and her mishandling of the Catalyst file.

Clark’s excuse for not going to the summit was that she had business to attend to in BC. In her place she sent accomplished liar Minister Pat Bell.

She introduced the costly Family day holiday that most people in the financial district won’t be able to take and most small business people will have to pay through the nose to finance.

This was a total shell game in that Clark sent her jobs minister who has been lying and covering up her governments incompetence handling the problems with catalyst and the large amount of jobs at stake.

Why? So he would not have to face the consequences on the Catalyst File

The swap for her was that she did not have to perform with the rest of Western Canada’s real leaders that would have led to further exposure as the weak lame duck Premier that she is.

Premier Wall showed us that with his actions on the Dutch-file.

This is nothing but a shell game or cover up by a government on its way out.

Premier Clark and her team need to be reminded that governing the province and showing leadership in this country is not a radio show.

It requires a well thought out plan with competent people to carry it out,

This government has neither.

Thank god there is only 11 months left!

What will they screw up next?

What do you think?

Scared of Energy Discussion, Christy Clark Chickens out of Western Premier’s Summit!

Scared of the Western Premiers Meeting Christy Clark hides out with Richard Branson!

The big smoke screen, better known as L’affaire Branson gave the Chicken Premier Christy Clark something to hide behind as she evaded discussing energy with the Western Premiers.

As you may know by now, Clark sent in her place, her favorite whipping boy Minister Pat Bell.

You may recall Bell as the guy that took the heat for Telus Gate ( the scrapping of the Telus/BC Place stadium name deal) after Clark was not invited to a major jobs announcement.

Yes this is the same Bell that threw $750,000 down the drain on a failed HST pamphlet.

To date now that the Premiers summit has been completed , I have not found one quote from him outlining what he brought to the table on behalf of leaderless BC.

So much for BC Having a voice on this vitally important issue!

Clark as you will recall has failed to take a position on the pipeline issue. Both BC Conservative Leader John Cummins ( for) and BC NDP leader Adrian Dix (against) have shown leadership on this issue.

But then what did you expect from a chicken?

Premier Christy Clark is an Embarrassment!

Christy Clark: The BC Liberal Family Comes First

Premier Christy cannot get her facts straight. This most recent gaffe relating to the 50% rate increase that BC Hydro was planning ( they weren’t) was another in a long line of gaffes and miscues in the year and a bit since her party screwed up and elected her to lead them.

It was especially embarrassing to hear Minister Rich Coleman on radio explaining that she had been corrected and further say yes she was wrong.

This is terrible to have a leader, a Premier to go continuously off message and screw up the facts.

What adds fuel to the fire is that she was responding to over ruling the BC Utilities Commission, a commission that the BC Liberals campaigned to promote in 2001. This will effectively kill off any hearing that would have happened in June. ( Cover up? )

I can’t imagine if you were a member of her caucus and were relying on her to save your career how you would feel.

No wonder they keep her hidden as often as they do.

It’s getting to the point that , whenever she makes an announcement , it safer to wait a day or so to make sure she got it right.

How bad is that?