Christy Clark and The BC Liberals:Catalyst for Failure!

Brad Wall a Great Leader, Christy Clark out of her league

The government under Christy Clark and the BC Liberals brings to mind the sad tale of Emperor Nero in the stories of ancient Rome.

You remember the tale told that when Nero fiddled Rome burned.

Well guess what and her team are fiddling BC is catching fire.

Evidence of that would be their incompetence on both the Catalyst and the Dutch Elm disease files.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is making a name for himself with his adept handling of the issue with an intellectual argument showing Leader Mulcair statement would result in higher resource taxes. In an even smarter move he asked Mulcair to explain what he meant.( Was this to be a revival of the National Energy Program? More carbon taxes?)

What was BC Premier Christy Clark’s response?

This is goofy!

This leads us to events this week and the cover up and abomination that was her non-attendance at the Western premier summit and her mishandling of the Catalyst file.

Clark’s excuse for not going to the summit was that she had business to attend to in BC. In her place she sent accomplished liar Minister Pat Bell.

She introduced the costly Family day holiday that most people in the financial district won’t be able to take and most small business people will have to pay through the nose to finance.

This was a total shell game in that Clark sent her jobs minister who has been lying and covering up her governments incompetence handling the problems with catalyst and the large amount of jobs at stake.

Why? So he would not have to face the consequences on the Catalyst File

The swap for her was that she did not have to perform with the rest of Western Canada’s real leaders that would have led to further exposure as the weak lame duck Premier that she is.

Premier Wall showed us that with his actions on the Dutch-file.

This is nothing but a shell game or cover up by a government on its way out.

Premier Clark and her team need to be reminded that governing the province and showing leadership in this country is not a radio show.

It requires a well thought out plan with competent people to carry it out,

This government has neither.

Thank god there is only 11 months left!

What will they screw up next?

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Christy Clark and The BC Liberals:Catalyst for Failure!”

  1. The thought of Comrade Dix as Premier makes me nauseous, and as Alain points out, that is the usual leap of inexplicable extremes that occurs in BC politics. However, I do share the hope that the BC Conservatives can make some noise in the next election and perhaps surprise a lot of people. BC politics can be weirdly obscure at the best of times, and there has in the past been those times when something totally unpredictable can happen, like when for a time it looked like Wilson and the upstart BC Liberals would become the Government. One thing is for sure, Kristy Klark will be toast, she’s an embarrassment. Should make for an interesting election and I’m pleased that I finally have a party to vote for. I couldn’t stand Campbell, never trusted him, so never voted for the BC Liberals, and I could never vote for Carol whats-her-name and the NDP. Comrade Dix as Premier will hopefully terrify people enough to get the electorate sufficiently motivated that it ends up in a minority Government.

  2. Since this is BC one can pretty well count on the BC Liberals being replaced with the BC NDP. As bad as the Liberals are, especially under Clark, a return of the NDP will be even worse. I do not say this as a supporter of the Liberals, since I am not but as a BC resident.

      1. I was aware of that, but from what I have seen over time in BC we seem to be stuck on either BC Liberal or BC NDP. There is a huge divide between urban voters in Vancouver and Victoria and the rest of the province and it is mainly the urban centres that decide the outcome.

        1. Things change,that is happening now.

          The BC Conservatives are around 20% in the polls,the Liberals are not electable.

          The move is on,you will see.

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