Premier Christy Clark is an Embarrassment!

Christy Clark: The BC Liberal Family Comes First

Premier Christy cannot get her facts straight. This most recent gaffe relating to the 50% rate increase that BC Hydro was planning ( they weren’t) was another in a long line of gaffes and miscues in the year and a bit since her party screwed up and elected her to lead them.

It was especially embarrassing to hear Minister Rich Coleman on radio explaining that she had been corrected and further say yes she was wrong.

This is terrible to have a leader, a Premier to go continuously off message and screw up the facts.

What adds fuel to the fire is that she was responding to over ruling the BC Utilities Commission, a commission that the BC Liberals campaigned to promote in 2001. This will effectively kill off any hearing that would have happened in June. ( Cover up? )

I can’t imagine if you were a member of her caucus and were relying on her to save your career how you would feel.

No wonder they keep her hidden as often as they do.

It’s getting to the point that , whenever she makes an announcement , it safer to wait a day or so to make sure she got it right.

How bad is that?

3 thoughts on “Premier Christy Clark is an Embarrassment!”

  1. Kristy Klark is a ditzy, power mad, air head and a pathological liar. Klark will do and say anything if it suits her agenda… a Nanny Statist federal “Liberal” masquerading as a free enterpriser. Queen of the photo=ops and as ethically challenged as they come. Klark will take the BC Liberals down with her, because in her mind it’s all about her. The prospect of Comrade Dix as Premier is nauseating, but I would rather have that commie A-hole for 4 years then rewarding Klark and the BC Liberals for their double speak and stench of corruption. I will be voting BC Conservative and urge others to do the same.

    1. Thank you for that Sean.

      I don’t think Dix is a gimme yet no matter what the polls say, but Clark and crew are done.

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