Adrian Dix wants to take you to the left…..

NDP , NDP Lite
You should not be shocked by this,but Adrian Dix wants to take you to the left.

After all that’s what NDP governments do.

What you should be shocked about is that under the B.C. Liberals ( AKA NDP Lite) we are well on our way there.

We have a soaring deficit,new gas taxes and pretty soon an increased carbon tax.

We have budget coming up Tuesday that will no doubt try to buy your vote followed by another budget in 2013 that will go even further to attempt to finalize the purchase.

This flies in the face of current trending in the country and according to a poll what British Columbians want.

Why would you vote for that?

For that matter,why would you vote for either ?

Ontario’s Drummond report is a cautionary tale for B.C.voters

BC's Economic D-Day should be now,not after Election 2013

This week in Ontario Don Drummond,chair of commission on public service reform , released a 688 page report that should serve as a cautionary tale to voters here at home in B.C.

We have a little over a year until we have our own provincial election and we have plenty of time to ask those who are running what they are planning and what will it cost.

We should not have to wait for the writ to drop do know exactly where we stand fiscally and where the parties will take us.

All during the last election we heard that the deficit was in the area of 495 million only to be told right after that it was in the billions. The B.C. Liberals told us no HST and then brought it in right after the election.

Today,Adrian Dix and the NDP have a number of promises and plans so how much? What is your plan to get us to where you want the province to go.

Adrian says he doesn’t want to be in the limelight. Guess what Adrian ? You are applying for the top job in the province and a formal interview is in order!

Every politician should now and always be in the limelight.They want to spend your money!

An independent economist should be appointed and have to release a no B.S state of affairs. Both the opposition and government should have to read it and tell us well in advance of any election what they want to do and how much it will cost.( Not just now but before every election)

This report is not to be confused with the upcoming smoke and mirrors budget. This week the government will say and do anything to try and boost their standing in the polls.

Rather we need to know exactly where we stand financially right now. Ontario found out after their election,a little to late to do anything.

People held the government’s feet to the fire on the HST,why not on this?

People and politicians alike always say what they do now will help generations to come.

As the Drummond report shows nothing could be further than the truth.

If we don’t do this, we vote and will get more of the same and have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Why would you want to vote and place your trust in somebody who will not stand in front of you and tell you the truth,tell you their plan?

Do you want 4 more years of that?

Hasn’t this gone on long enough?

Premier pulls political equivalant of gangland style hit on Press Secretary!

Sorry Chris somebody is gonna take the fall and it's not me!

It now appears with the quick hiring of new Director of Communications, Sara McIntyre,the Premier and her staff have pulled the political equivalent of a gangland style hit on former Press Secretary Chris Olsen who was clipped,er fired yesterday.

This is old school dirty politics at it’s finest from a Premier who promised to do politics differently.

Obviously the negotiations have been going on for a while. You don’t whack , I mean fire somebody one day and have their replacement ready immediately without some planning.

This act alone appears to give some insight into the make up of the Premier when she has had a bad couple of weeks.

Does that sound like somebody who cares about your family?

Families First Agenda in Tatters!

The Spin:BC Hydro folks have families too!

Your Hydro Bill will increase 7.7% starting this April. This will come at at time when the cost of things such as gas for your car is also expected to rise.

Based on available information,the Hydro increase comes courtesy of the B.C.Liberals ,I mean ,BC Hydro’s practice of deferring current spending practice into future years.

Given the amount of folks Premier Clark has thrown under the bus lately ,Minister of Energy and Mines Rich Coleman who conducted the review, is probably a bit nervous.

Can’t wait for the next poll to be conducted.

Will The Premier’s numbers pass Gordon Campbell’s when the party threw him ….

And more importantly just who’s family is the Premier putting first,certainly not mine,how about yours?

Premier Christy Clark throws Press Secretary under the bus!

Premier Christy Clark: Chris it your turn now!

More work for that bus driver!

Premier Christy Clark has thrown her Press Secretary under the bus.

This comes on the heels of a really bad week for the Premier.

We wonder who might be next?

Could the week get any worse?

Maybe; HST transition rules due out later today.

Update: Bring on Miss Congeniality!

Congeniality is my name,rioting in the streets is my game!

Rioter Ryan Dickinson was sentenced to 16 months for participating in last spring’s Stanley Cup hockey riot. He also picked up another month for breaching bail conditions of a previous conviction.

He is the first in a long line pf people who will hopefully be convicted for participating in this nonsense.Hopefully this will send a message to all those that contemplate doing this in the future.

It will be interesting to see what the judge will do with the people who have never had a criminal record.

Vancouverites will be especially interested to learn the fate of the former Miss Congeniality who was alleged to be anything but congenial on the night in question.

She is apparently in plea discussions with the crown. The sentence handed down today will no doubt spur those discussions along.

As her lawyer says this would likely be over and done with had Premier Christy Clark not stepped in and delayed the process with her idiotic idea to televise these trials.

Should she get off with a slap on the wrists,expect the voting public to sentence the Premier and her party to an even lower standing on the polls than they already have!

Update: Miss Congeniality has decided to change her plea and waste more taxpayers money. Rather than plead guilty she will put us through an expensive trial, starting in April 2013!

What a joke! The Christy Clark Judicial system drags on and on.

How do you like that?

BC Liberals Continue trend,Throw Seniors under the bus!

BC Liberals:We are going to need a bigger bus!

The busiest person in the BC Liberal Party lately has been the Proverbial Bus Driver.

To Recap:

The Taxpayers were thrown under the bus with the sleazy introduction of the HST.

Then Finance Minister Kevin Falcon was tossed under the bus by the Premier over the resultant fallout from the aforementioned HST.

Christy Clark has thrown Gordon Campbell under the bus time and time again, when she blames his government for all the mistakes caused by the Liberals.( It’s a given that since Clark has had her fingerprints over a large part of what the Campbell government did,she threw herself under the bus too! She just doesn’t realize it)

Next on the list: New Minister of Justice Shirley Bond. She no sooner said the issue before the courts with the TV cameras was over, then Premier Clark promptly tossed her under the bus with a statement about soldiering on and finding a way to get them in there.

Now comes word, the BC Liberal Government for the last 11 years has collectively thrown the Senior population under that same bus. The BC Ombudsman put together a scathing 400 page report on the inadequacies of the system and presented it yesterday. Worse news is that the Liberals have had it in their hands for some time ( they have had part of the plan since 2009) and have done nothing with it.

Admittedly people like Clark,Campbell,Falcon and Bond belong where they were thrown. But the Taxpayers and Seniors?

It kinda makes you wonder who’s next,doesn’t it?

Vancouver Parks Board is well …dumb

Tryka: What did you think was going to happen? You adopted us to a meat seller!

In a story that is both sad and baffling another political entity in the lower mainland has made yet another galling decision that may have tragic consequences.

It appears that the Vancouver Parks Board has adopted out 17 animals to a farmer who sells livestock meat for a living.

Why would you be shocked when you checked up on the adoption to only find 1 alive.

In a number of stories the representatives from the Parks Board said they did their due diligence.

Kinda makes you wonder if they know what due diligence means,doesn’t it?

HST Transition Rules to be Rolled out Friday !

HST Transition-We will sneak that in Friday!

Finally we get good news that the transition rules regarding HST will be rolled out Friday.

We all wait with bated breath to see how long and what will happen with the transition.

Finance Minister Falcon says that we will find out Friday because they still have some last minutes negotiations to finish up.

Fridays are also known as bad news days in the government and the business world.Aptly named because most people don’t follow the news as much as other days and it is ripe for sneaking in bad news.

Did I say sneak in relation to news about the HST,that would be far to generous!

While the Premier dithers on,the court rules against her TV broadcasts!

Come On Caller,I might be doing a Faux Throne Speech,but call by-elections?

In a ruling that was not shocking,given the judges comments last week,Provincial Court Judge Malcolm MacLean tossed out the application to televise the riot trials today.

This following a morning of listening to the Premier on the radio telling the world she is going to review this and review that.

She has been on the job for 11 months and she is just getting around to reviewing the processes that most people have been complaining about for some time.

She had a great chance to show leadership on the issue of by-elections,but of course she didn’t. She said she would get around to calling them soon.

If you live in Chilliwack or Port Moody,the Premier just “Whatever’d ” you. How did that make you feel?

Nope, Her interview this morning was classic Paul Martin,lots of dithering,little substance.