Update: Bring on Miss Congeniality!

Congeniality is my name,rioting in the streets is my game!

Rioter Ryan Dickinson was sentenced to 16 months for participating in last spring’s Stanley Cup hockey riot. He also picked up another month for breaching bail conditions of a previous conviction.

He is the first in a long line pf people who will hopefully be convicted for participating in this nonsense.Hopefully this will send a message to all those that contemplate doing this in the future.

It will be interesting to see what the judge will do with the people who have never had a criminal record.

Vancouverites will be especially interested to learn the fate of the former Miss Congeniality who was alleged to be anything but congenial on the night in question.

She is apparently in plea discussions with the crown. The sentence handed down today will no doubt spur those discussions along.

As her lawyer says this would likely be over and done with had Premier Christy Clark not stepped in and delayed the process with her idiotic idea to televise these trials.

Should she get off with a slap on the wrists,expect the voting public to sentence the Premier and her party to an even lower standing on the polls than they already have!

Update: Miss Congeniality has decided to change her plea and waste more taxpayers money. Rather than plead guilty she will put us through an expensive trial, starting in April 2013!

What a joke! The Christy Clark Judicial system drags on and on.

How do you like that?