Adrian Dix Nabbed On Sky Train without a ticket!


This should be a bigger deal than the MSM is making it out to be. The man who wants to be Premier,who wants to lead our Province was caught on a Sky Train without a ticket.

Adrian Dix says it’s one of those things and he feels bad.

I wonder if he feels bad because he made a mistake or if he feels bad because we was caught?

Mr.Dix knows how bad it feels to get caught. He has been caught before when he backdated a memo when we was Glen Clark’s assistant.

Seems Dix has a habit of doing things that are bad and feeling bad when he gets caught.

Why would you want to vote for a man who breaks the law and passes it off so easily?

What do you think he will say when he breaks the promises he will make leading up to the election?

4 thoughts on “Adrian Dix Nabbed On Sky Train without a ticket!”

  1. “Seems Dix has a habit of doing things that are bad and feeling bad when he gets caught.”
    Get real.
    That other was years ago, and you are subscribing to the idea that “always is twice.”
    Let’s make a new one up: “Do something twice and you have a habit.”
    Let’s move on to substantive issues the MSM should be working on, say BC Rail, and pardon them for passing on this tidbit.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to read. It seems even with the resignation of John Van Dongen the MSM didn’t pass this by nor should they. It could be an indicator of which way Dix’s moral compass points. The sad part is that it provided farebeaters with an excuse to not pay when they get caught.

      We should however focus on things like BC Rail,Basi Virk,Telus name scandal.Those in my opinion has never been covered properly.

      See here:

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