Premier Christy Clark: Could she be anymore disconnected with voters?

I am not going to answer that on the grounds that every time I talk I sound dumber than the last time!

Every time Christy Clark opens her mouth she proves over and over again she has no clue what the electorate is thinking.

Yesterday in Kamloops she declared that the 2013 election will be about the economy not the HST.

Clark has not figured out that in the upcoming election the main issue has already been defined for her.

It will not be about the economy nor will it be directly about the HST.

Thinking the election will be about the economy shows Clark’s disconnect with the voters and explains why she is so far behind in the polls.

THIS ELECTION WILL BE ABOUT HONESTY AND INTEGRITY something her party is lacking severely .

It will be a referendum on a combination of things including but not limited to HST, BC Rail, Leadership etc. ( Probably by then you can throw in the sale of the Liquor Distribution branch as a sleazy way to balance the budget).

It also shows why I think the party will consider a quick leadership change.

Going into an election with Clark as your leader would be akin to going into the battle of Little Big Horn and putting all your money on General George Armstrong Custer.

We all know how that turned out.

Seems the MSM is also starting to think a leadership change may occur as evidenced in the Times Colonist yesterday.

Make no mistake about it, With Clark as leader the Liberals will get trounced at the ballot box.

You know it, I know it and more importantly the BC Liberals know it!

A leadership change is imminent!

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Premier Christy Clark: Could she be anymore disconnected with voters?”

  1. I agree and from the treatment afforded crissy camara over BC Rail by NDP lenord krogg attempting to shift attention to basi instead of attacking dummy the NDP are saying to the queen clump hey don’t worry queeny we did turn our kinda highly trained the lawyer loose on yo did we ,we said now dont scare crissy now.Its only a job but we have to yell at somebody so we let lenord loose and boy did he scare that bunch..

  2. The HST roll out and referendum vote proved the BC Liberals were absolutely out of touch with populist sentiment in BC. It’s about integrity, stupid, to paraphrase Bill Clinton.

  3. Her first act as Premier was to increase the minimum wage thus destroying jobs and opportunity for young people. I won’t vote for her. I could vote NDP and get pretty much the same government as a Christie Clark Liberal one. However I can’t stomach the thought of voting NDP. Since the BC Conservatives seem a bit inexperienced I guess I’ll just have to sit out the next election.

    1. The BC Conservatives aren’t as inexperienced as you think.Watch over the next 8 months or so. You will like what you see!

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  4. Clark DOES appear to be oblivious to voter reaction to her, but I wonder if anyone in the Party has had the balls to tell her she must step down or the Liberals will be decimated next May.

    Politicians are,by and large, a cowardly lot,unwilling to rock the boat lest they find themselves on the outside looking in, so I’d bet most Liberals are giving Clark their best insincere smile and telling her what she wants to hear.

    And she won’t listen to reason,at least one of her MLA’s has mentioned that if she wants some positive publicity,axe the carbon tax, but not a word about it from Christy.

    So, we suffer under exorbitant gas prices, while contemplating next year’s NDP ascension, and wonder where the hell some of us will have to move to find work.

    1. Pretty bloody scary eh!

      She’ll get the boot.

      She is probably hanging on because it’s a holiday weekend and they have to find somebody else!

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