Wynne Wins: Get Ready for Rae days! #ontpoli #ontario #bcpoli #canpoli

Here we go again!

Kathleen Wynne and her scandalous crew of Ontario Liberals won an overwhelming majority in the Ontario Election tonight and make no mistake about it: This win lands squarely in the lap of the dearly departed ( Tim Hudak) and the soon to be departed, Andrea Horwath.

Neither of them could get their respective bases out to vote and just like here in BC NDP Horwath’s crew LEFT her in droves in the last week of the campaign.

Their will be two leadership campaigns before the next election.

Wynne has said that she intends to recall the legislature with 20 days and reintroduce her budget that brought the election upon is in the first place.

If That budget goes through without huge changes expect credit rating agencies to start slashing Ontario’s credit rating making Canada’s largest have not province into largest Have even less than not province.

To preserve the credit rating and do the things that Wynne was proposing in budget will make some of Hudak’s campaign pledges look like a walk in the park.

So get ready for Rae days, they are coming to a community near you!

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  1. Don; I believe you are correct and it could very well divide this country even more than it is right now.Their seems to be too many people of all ages who think he is Cute and all the other things a mindless movie icon is.Truth be told he is an empty suit with his mothers looks & brains. On our own situation here in Ontario McWynn is going to have to pay the Unions off for handing this province to her, I believe you have not seen yet the depths of corruption, graft , lies and debt she is going to put us into, thank God my one son moved west. He will do very well…Steve O

  2. Canada's big cities are populated by liberals,small "l" intended,and too many conservatives of the social sort can't seem to get around that fact. Conservatives value the old ways, morals, and customs,the liberals couldn't care less about any of those issues.
    Conservatives will continue to delude themselves into believing that a Hudak,Cummins,McCain or Romney is electable, while the liberal socialists keep winning the elections. I believe the Ontario election is a harbinger of things to come in Canada. I believe the temporary setback of the Harper governments is about to be "corrected" by a Trudeau victory next year.

    And PM Trudeau will do to Canada what Obama has done to the U.S.

  3. more of the same coming our way. more debt, higher taxes, higher utility bills. there is no cure for stupid. unfortunately we are all going to be effected by what is coming.

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