The Premier”s Office Revolving Door Revolves !

Pretty Soon these people will be running into each other!

Once again the hot corner in Politics proves to be working in the Premier’s office.

Today after nine months of employment Ken Boessenkool resigned after an incident he deemed ” an incident he acted inappropriately”

I am not going to speculate what may have happened,there are enough different versions on different mainstream and non mainstream media websites.

What I will do is question why it took two weeks to complete the resignation if he apologized immediately and ask why the premier is not coming clean once again.

I understand Mr.Boessenkool’s family reads but what’s worse: Knowing the truth or reading all the rampant speculation.

The best thing of course would be for Ken to make a statement and clear the air so to speak unless of course there is more to this than meets the eye.

This of course is yet another black eye on the Clark Government, a black eye that will get worse until the cause is released.

Of course Clark’s new replacement also has some explaining to do.

If this just all happened this Last night/this morning why would you give up a stable career job as board chair at BC Hydro for a job that will probably die out by May 2013 at the latest?

What do you think?

Is there more here than meets the “Black” eye?

One thought on “The Premier”s Office Revolving Door Revolves !”

  1. Ken Boessenkool admitted tat he screwed up badly to crissy camera and told her he was resigning.
    Crissy Camera decided that after two weeks the story started to be talked about in MSM and she had to put her foot down and be tough.

    He hired the hydro dude and almost got nailed in a major conflict of interest issue so he resigned from hydro after he was hired by the dummy.

    It took her the two weeks to attempt to spin everything so the big defection of foghorns alter ego wasn’t washed away. Or words to that effect.
    So much for her and her concern for women .

    If she was female she would have understood that inappropriate touching at work was not allowed .

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