Ontario Election Debate:First Impressions Count! #onpoli #ontario #notwynning

People will remember: There is no difference between Wynne and McGuinty!

In my experience two things happen in debates.

Firstly they are stacked against the sitting Premier or Prime Minister by way of being out numbered by the opposition.

Secondly,first impressions matter and each leader gets one shot at either gaining or holding an audience.

Rarely is their ever a zinger the so-called knockout punch.

I can recall only three zingers in the number of years I have watched debates.

One is the often talked about Mulroney line that sunk John Turner back in 1988. ( you sir had an option)

The second would be Jack Layton’s dismantling of Mike Ignatieff in the 2011 election. ( worst voting record)

The third,surprisingly enough was John Cummins when he opened the 2013 BC Provincial election debate with the line:You all tuned in tonight to get a good look at the next premier of BC, Adrian Dix.

Well look they did,Dix was a deer in the headlights and Christie Clark shone and went on to win that election.

In the Ontario debate tonight, no matter how much BS the newspapers will have you believe ( maybe) there was no knock out punch.

There was however Kathleen Wynne making a lousy first impression and getting hammered on gas plants.

She looked awful and yes she apologized but guess what an apology is an admission of guilt.

One I think the voters of Ontario have been waiting to hear.

Prediction: This election, like all elections is about the economy and Wynne just reinforced in the voters minds ( she could have said no) that she is a weak leader who cant be trusted to manage their money.

On June the 12th the voters will vote no to Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals.

They will vote yes to Tim Hudak and the PC’s with an NDP led opposition.

( In BC people used to moan and groan about Gordon Campbell and then hold their noses and vote for him. They will do that for Hudak as well)

Just watch!

Ontario Election: Will everybody sleep through it? #onpoli #notwynning #canpoli

Kathleen Wynne and her mentor Dalton McGuinty.

Rumor has it there is an election in Ontario and it’s going to happen on June 12,2014.ZZZZZ

The Ontario Liberal party should be sent to the penalty box for a long time to think about the mess they made of what was once a great province . They should be #notwynning but if you read the polls the result as of this writing would be close.

Will Kathleen Wynne summon Justin Trudeau as she did during the by-elections and if she does will he be too busy to help as he is apparently learning to lead while most of us know he is Justin in so far over his head. ( So is Kathleen for tha matter )

Will Andrea Horwath score some points with the voters for not backing the Liberal NDP budget or will voters wake up out of their collective slumber and remember the mess the NDP made of the province the last time those folks voted them in.

This is Tim Hudak’s time to shine and I expect that to happen on the night of the election debates. ( I’ll have a special entry on Ontario debate (S) depending on whether Andrea gets her way at a later date)

So get ready, wake up and watch Kathleen and crew get result they so richly deserve for the crappy government they have provided.

Stay tuned to Political Insider for all the excitement leading up to the big night.

What do you think will be the final result?

Ontario By Elections-Good measuring sticks for all Parties! #bcpoli #onpoli #canpoli

Who has the most to lose?

The upcoming by elections in Ontario could be used as a fairly important measuring stick as far as a potential full-on spring election in that province goes.

There is a lot at stake for all parties.

For the Tim Hudak lead Progressive Conservatives these votes will tell the tale of the shape they are in heading into the full on election. Are Hudak’s troubles behind him? We’ll soon know.

For the Andrea Horwath lead NDP these votes provide a chance to be taken seriously. A hammering at the polls here and they are in trouble.

There is a lot of discussions when by elections are called and whether they are important to the government of the day.

With the Forum poll released today maybe the Liberals internal polling is even worse and maybe these elections are more important than we are lead to believe.

Why else would the Liberals trot out Justin Trudeau to campaign at this early stage if they weren’t?

For the Kathleen Wynne lead Ontario Liberals these byelections are all about survival. Should they get their heads handed to them in February it could be a bellwether to defeat down the road.

It won’t bode well for Trudeau either, if he can’t turn the tide!

The Specter (Horror) of an Ontario Election!


While we wait for the results from Greece why not turn our guns I mean attention to Ontario, the have not promise that is still haunted by the Ghost of Bob Rae.

I am talking about provincial Bob, the former Premier who has gone on the bigger and better things as the Interim leader of the dying Federal Liberal Party.

Why is it Bob is always around when things start to die off.

But I digress.

This week and since April Ontario voters have been haunted ( nauseated is probably a better word) at all the BS coming out of Queen’s Park relative to discussions between Dalton ( I don’t have a clue what I am doing but I sure know how to run a deficit) McGuinty and Andrea ( Will people please quit reminding Ontarians how much my party and Bob Rae screwed up the last time we were in power) Horwath trying to save the Liberals recent budget.

In a stroke of genius ( Genius is a BC word we use to describe stupid things Christy Clark and the BC Liberals do),Horwath walked away from an earlier agreement with Dalton ( Hey I can always run for the Federal liberal leadership if I blow my minority parliament) McGuinty and introduced amendments to the budget legislation that Tim ( I lost an election I should have won) Hudak immediately supported.

This caught Andrea ( I didn’t think that far ahead) Horwath off guard and now the Province of ( Hey western Canada your bloody oil is screwing up our manufacturing) Ontario is bracing for an election in neither wants,needs or can afford.

So where does Bob ( I didn’t run for liberal leadership because I didn’t want to do to Canada what I did for Ontario) fit into this?

The voters are terrorized by his memory and think a snap election could result in yet another NDP government taking a have not province into even greater depths of havenotery (My word).

Here is a comment from one such terrorized voter : Horwath and the rest of her communist/socialist cohort prove once again that when push comes to shove they would rather sit behind the safety of their rock and throw sticks and stones & manipulate the press then really tackle the issue and call McGuinty’s bluff. There is a reason the NDP will never be leaders and it is never more obvious then right now!

Kinda speaks for itself doesn’t it!

Do you think Ontario will be plunged into a needless election and elect an NDP government led by Andrea( She’s a knucklehead along the same lines as Christy Clark) Horwath?

Can you imagine the mess she would make not only of the province but also the country?