If you thought B.C. politics were screwed up…….

Premier Alison REDford

If you thought BC politics were screwed up,head on over to Alberta for a few minutes.

This week, Premier Alison REDford and her Conservative team brought in an NDP style budget this week.

This is the Premier who recently took over the Conservative Leadership from RED Stelmach.

Wildrose leader and hopefully next premier of the province,Danielle Smith, referred to the current premier as Alison in Wonderland,largely because of all the high expenditures and no tax increases to pay for them.

In that vernacular,when Premier REDford fell down the rabbit hole and stumbled on the Mad Hatter she must have been shocked. In this case the Mad Hatter would be none other than former banished Conservative turned Liberal leader Raj Sherman.

Liberal Sherman promptly accused REDford of not having a Conservative enough budget.He also said she should have balanced it.

So in Alberta you have a Conservative Liberal telling a Liberal Conservative how to do the books.

And you thought BC was screwed up!

Alison you should have balanced the budget,shame on you!