Pigs at the Trough! #bcpoli #canpoli

BC Liberal Spending gets Public Upset!

In a continuation of the theme from yesterday’s blog post ( and every newspaper I have seen) people are very upset at the pay hikes given out by the Christy Clark government before they were even sworn in.

Phone lines were jammed on the talk shows this morning with people calling in to show their disgust. Kind of reminded me of those same calls that came in over the HST. You recall that episode was not to pretty for the BC Liberals.

People said after the election that Clark was a good campaigner but a lousy governor and she would revert to the later quickly. I don’t think anybody realized how quickly it would start.

You would have thought that in the name of screwing the people over they would have at least waited until after that election was done.

Except that Clark and her team are extremely smug and arrogant and could care less about what the people think.

Patronage and payback are at the top of her list. ( More on that in a later post)

This event in itself shows that she really doesn’t get it.

The voters in Westside-Kelowna ought to do her and her government a favor a teach her a harsh lesson now.

They should show their angst for both losing the MLA they voted for a few weeks back and for this terrible act of managing the taxpayers money.

They should take advantage of this golden opportunity and vote against her.

A loss here will no doubt cause the party to give her the boot and just maybe they will get their act together and get a good leader that believes in honesty and transparency.

But then this is BC and these are the BC Liberals so who knows what they would do.

5 thoughts on “Pigs at the Trough! #bcpoli #canpoli”

  1. She is a bloody criminal and needs to be thrown out-I believe that a Party who is caught red-handed attempting to pervert the electoral process & buy the office should be blackballed from running in the election PERIOD. Oh, and the Deputy Chief of Staff position (held by Haakstad, who took the blame for the "Quick-Wins")? 60% pay increase (from $144,000-230,000), while the rest got 18%…not fishy at all (let alone the fact that Haakstad was fired for the scandal, and then was immediately taken on in campaign office as an "advisor"…she never left!). It's just so great that our disabled are given $310 a month as a living allowance (good luck finding even a box in the park for that), yet these people will be able to buy 4 luxury houses each by the time the term's up…on top of the 15Mil for pro ads, AND the 11Mil for the "Quick-Win" (ALL tax $'s)…definitely deserves a raise! But don't forget to run the NDP through the mud & claim how fiscally irresponsible they are-they must deserve that, too!

  2. The voters of Kelowna-Westside are absolutely THRILLED to have the vivacious Premier run in their riding.
    Christy could vote a 100% raise for herself and all MLA's, and she'd still win in K-W.

    Christy is in this, I believe, for the short term, so she'll line the pockets of herself and her friends for the next four years. She has no Opposition.The voters realise that as bad as she is, she's still better than a bunch of Marxists who would l close down the Province, business-wise.

    Look for much more of the same for the next four years. I just hope she doesn't go crazy on windmill building.

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