The Christy Clark Team: Let the Spending Begin! #bcpoli #canpoli

New BC Liberal Cabinet, same old Sneaky BS!

Even before they were sworn in, the new Christy Clark Government signed an order in cabinet giving raises to some of their highest ranking insider bureaucrats!

This sneaky act comes at at time when not only did they promise transparency but as Clark was publicly telling then to watch spending.

She obviously speaks out of both sides of her mouth.

I can only imagine the reaction of the teachers when they are told to shut up , sign the 10 year contract and that there is no money for salary increases or the seniors who have to cough up the new user fee for the wheelchairs to pay for these raises.

Where on earth is the BCNDP while all this is going on? Are they not the opposition?

Given their disastrous results in the election ( they were supposed to win the polls said), you would think they would be all over this.

Unless of course they are busy licking their wounds!

7 thoughts on “The Christy Clark Team: Let the Spending Begin! #bcpoli #canpoli”

  1. This on top of her steadfastly rejecting ANY proposals to raise Disability rates to an indexed to cost-of-living rate, as such groups as Raise The Rates, A.C.O.R.N., Living Without Poverty, etc have been DEMANDING for years…"It's not in the budget", she says…but her pro ad-campaign, the "Quick-Wins" scandal and now raises for her & her cronies ARE? DISGUSTING…surely there must be a way to depose her/throw them out…

  2. she cannot do that she wasn't elected she isn't even in the legislature yet until then she has no say in what goes on. look I'm glad the BC liberals won and glad cristy clark didn't get in. and I hope she don't win the election so they can get a more conservative friendly liberal in.

  3. What a sorry state of affairs — reverse Robin Hood shifting into high gear. How much is hush money, 'cuz these minions surely know where the bodies are buried?

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