If an election were held today BC Liberals would be decimated!

Goofy starting to have Second Thoughts!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for the Christy Clark Liberals it does.

Along comes Forum research with another poll showing that if an election were held today the Clark team would be decimated.

Premier ‘I don’t pay attention to polls” Clark will pay attention to this poll, she will have no choice.

I would think,that although there is still a bit of space between where they are and rock bottom, the chants for Clark’s head will start again ( If they ever stopped)

With this poll this election now becomes more than losing a few seats, it ( No how much BS Comes out of the mouth of Mike McDonald) will be about losing a party.

You can now expect to see the beginning of an exodus of Conservative Volunteers from the BC Liberal party to the safer confines of the BC Conservatives.

My Guess: Clark is gone and likely before the big convention in the fall.

What do you think?