Christy Clark: More Troubles Ahead on BC Rail!

Scenes from a BC Liberal Nightmare: The Birth of BC Rail.

Did Christy Clark break the law in 2003 with her handling of the BC Rail issue?

John Van Dongen thinks she did and accordingly has asked Conflict of Interest Commissioner Paul Fraser to conduct a formal inquiry into the matter.

Van Dongen’s request of the Commissioner was done in the form of a 24 page letter.You can peruse it here.
Seems Like MLA Van Dongen has done his homework.

So has Blogger Alex Tsakumis.

He has written a number of outstanding articles on the subject, the most recent of which is here.

The evidence is clearly pointing to Clark having involvement in BC Rail where she ought not to have.

Clark says she will cooperate with the commissioner during any inquiry yet she knows full well that any inquiry by the commissioner must come before the house to be voted on.

First and foremost the problem there is the Premier conveniently prorogued the house so unless she recalls it there would be no vote until the spring.

Secondly, the premier holds a majority in the house and her party would most likely vote down any potential inquiry the commissioner requests.

What she needs to do is to take leadership of the issue,recall the house and call an inquiry herself.

Failing that she should come clean and explain her involvement in BC Rail and what the conflict that she suggested was.

Of course coming clean would no doubt lead to her stepping down.

For BC and the families she allegedly cares about its time to do the right thing.

What do you think will happen?

7 thoughts on “Christy Clark: More Troubles Ahead on BC Rail!”

  1. We want an honest government. So tell us the truth about B.C. Rail.Former BC Fiberal senior MLA Collin Hansen will probably sing like a canary, as he was going to when criminal fraud charges are laid in the BC rail sale fraud scandal and the hush money paid paid Basi and Virk hush money to have the whole thing put to bed.The BC Fiberals though six million dollar of taxpayer are money given to lawyer the BC rail sale fraud scandal would go away.When a inquiry is held with subpoena’s, That should put premier Christy Clark on a one way ticket to a non extradition treaty country, to avoid jail-time.The BC Fiberals made some party supporters and lobbyist very wealthy.
    Clearly, Clark’s damage control team is working overtime ( which almost has become a daily exercise) trying to get her off the hook. Unfortunately for her and the liberals, the hook keeps burying itself deeper and deeper every time she opens her mouth. How many times can she and her high priced spin doctors say the word “may” without losing all credibility?

  2. There will be no inquiry, and CC will do everything in her power to block it. She could, if she was smart, appoint a "Gomery" style inquiry, with her chosen Judge and narrow parameters for investigation, and whitewash the whole thing.

    This is one item that Adrian Dix should be challenged on, will he enact an inquiry on BC Rail when he wins the election? I doubt if he has much enthusiasm for one, politicians don't like these things as next time it could be them on the hot seat.

    No, it was a long time ago, and the Liberal Party knows very well the public is interested in nothing more than a week old, after that, it's ancient history.

    AGT has done great work on this story, but I wonder if anyone other than us "political junkies" are paying attention.

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