Buzz Buzz: The Perils of Socialism

Patti Bacchus: When the BC Civil Liberties Association says jump I say How High!

Once again another socialist experiment has ended in failure.

This time, thankfully it was over in a month and only cost $15,000.

Of course I am referring to socialist dipshit Patti Bacchus and her shutting off of the school yard mosquito anti vandalism devices in lower mainland school yards.

In less than month after Bacchus opened her big mouth a school yard was vandalized and yes knuckleheads started loitering again.

In the time between shutting them down and today, neighbors had to resume combing school yards for spent needles and the like.

To people like Bacchus and the BC Civil Liberties association this was preferable rather than leaving them on until their “study” reached its obvious conclusion.

Of course Vancouverites will remember Bacchus from another act of stupidity.That would be blaming boys and men for watching hockey and UFC which, lead to them causing hockey riots.

In her mind she probably thinks students are rioting in the streets of Montreal because the Canadiens didn’t make the playoffs!

Beware, Bacchus might make herself available and run for a seat under the BCNDP banner in next years provincial election.

How would that make you feel?