BC Liberals:Honest Open Accountable Government; Not!

May 2013: Sweeping Changes ahead in British Columbia.

Honest open accountable government is the mantra that the BC Liberals were swept into power with back in 2001

When they are swept out of office in May 2013 their epitaph will read ” Honest Open Accountable Government; Not!”

To wit:

BC Rail



Shutting down the BC utilities commission

Sneaky RFPs like the current liquor privatization scheme.

These are just a few of the things that are not open or honest but if I read the people correctly, the Christy Clark led Liberal team will surely be held accountable for.

Shutting down the BC Utilities commission deserves an inquiry of its own. I mean, what lurks under the smoke screen of rate freezes that these people trying to cover up?

What about the liquor RFP. If it comes to fruition the way it has been portrayed ( haven’t seen a compelling reason from the Liberals why it won’t) how rotten and underhanded will that be ?

Getting back to 2001, the big joke of the day was that nobody could find anybody who ever admitted voting NDP. Fast forward to 2012/2013 is there anybody out their who will admit to having voted BC Liberal?

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  1. To be fair most RFPs are wired. I work for a firm that does work for the government all the time and the goal is to write the RFP for them. It’s always been done this way no matter who’s in power.

    You have it right on the BC Liberals though. There is no difference between the dippers and them at all period. They are both socialists. They are both a disgrace. We’ll all lose next election unless the BC Conservatives win.

  2. 2012 By-election Port Moody-Coquitlam

    Party Candidate Votes

    New Democrat Joe Trasolini 6,070

    BC Liberal Dennis Marsden 3,377

    Conservative Christine Clarke 1,720

    B.C. General Election 2009 Port Moody-Coquitlam

    Party Candidate Votes

    BC Liberal Iain Black 9,979

    New Democrat Shannon Watkins 7,614

    Green Rebecca Helps 1,261

    Your Political Party James Filippelli 198

    Refederation Donna Vandekerkhove 82


    BC Liberals -6,602 votes

    NDP -1544 votes

    BC Conservatives +1,720 votes

    1. Thanks Bruce! The trend shows the BC Conservatives are the only ones whose vote is going up.

      It also shows the Conservatives got over 25% of the vote here which makes a statement in itself.

      Solid numbers and solid credibility.

  3. Seriously?
    The BC cons are invisible(vote split) and that leaves the NDP.. who have the support in the polls.(WTH?)
    How is trading thieves for socialists an improvement?!
    How short are people’s memories?
    I’ll take the thieves until the Cons show up in the polls in real numbers and with real conservative policies.
    At least with thieves there is still growth in the economy, with socialists I might as well start packing for Alberta or Sask right now…Again.

    1. I left in spite of the socialists before as well.

      But the Conservatives ( who have policy on their web site; http://www.bcconservative.ca/what-we-stand-for/policy/) will have a Conservative platform before the election.

      They have also started to show up with real poll numbers ( 20% giver or take) and will climb.

      The Libs will continue to implode and as far as poll numbers go,Conservatives will pass them shortly.

      Your comments are great and I thank you for them.

    2. Electoral District Candidate’s Ballot Name Affiliation Total Valid Votes % of Popular Vote Chilliwack-Hope 2012

      Lewis Clarke Dahlby Libertarian 294 2.10%

      John Martin BC Conservative Party 3,548 25.32%

      Gwen O’Mahony BC NDP 5,772 41.19%

      Laurie Throness BC Liberal Party 4,399 31.39%

      126 of 126 ballot boxes reported 14,013 100%

      Election results from May, 2009:

      Barry Penner BC Liberal Party 8,985

      Gwen O’Mahony NDP 5,638

      Guy Durnin Green 951

      Hans Mulder BC Conservative Party 1,198

      Dorothy-Jean O’Donnell (P.F.) 93


      Liberals down -4,586 votes from 2009

      NDP up 134 votes from 2009

      BC Conservatives up 2350 votes from 2009

  4. The corruption addled BC Liberals are a disgrace. The bait @ switch with regards to Hydro rates is the height of cynicism. Kristy Klark pretending to save us from the big bad Hydro execs, and they’re desire for rate increases is an act of nauseating manipulation. Klarks involvement in the rape of BC Rail, the continuing cover-up of the Basi-Virk payoff… bloody disgraceful! The BC Liberals are just lucky they have a compliant corrupt media to make excuses for them, unfortunately they’re not fooling anyone. Sweep the criminals out indeed, I can’t wait to vote BC Conservative.

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