BC Liberals:Honest Open Accountable Government; Not!

May 2013: Sweeping Changes ahead in British Columbia.

Honest open accountable government is the mantra that the BC Liberals were swept into power with back in 2001

When they are swept out of office in May 2013 their epitaph will read ” Honest Open Accountable Government; Not!”

To wit:

BC Rail



Shutting down the BC utilities commission

Sneaky RFPs like the current liquor privatization scheme.

These are just a few of the things that are not open or honest but if I read the people correctly, the Christy Clark led Liberal team will surely be held accountable for.

Shutting down the BC Utilities commission deserves an inquiry of its own. I mean, what lurks under the smoke screen of rate freezes that these people trying to cover up?

What about the liquor RFP. If it comes to fruition the way it has been portrayed ( haven’t seen a compelling reason from the Liberals why it won’t) how rotten and underhanded will that be ?

Getting back to 2001, the big joke of the day was that nobody could find anybody who ever admitted voting NDP. Fast forward to 2012/2013 is there anybody out their who will admit to having voted BC Liberal?