The VP Debate: Who Won?

Tie? Not really…

The CNN poll released after the debate showed the numbers to be Ryan 48% VS Biden 44%.

Given the margin of error a virtual tie.

What I think this poll is not revealing are three things:

1) Paul Ryan did a great closing that will resonate for weeks to come. He took leadership,said he would be held accountable and not run from the tough decisions that any administration will face in the coming years. He also asked for the vote.

2) People are sick of old style politics and Joe Biden kept interrupting and cutting Ryan off.

3) Most important is this; people want a positive future and Ryan gave them that. I believe this will count big time later on in November when people actually make their voting decision.

Still Biden didn’t lose any immediate ground like Obama did last week.

This debate puts the pressure squarely on the shoulders of Barack Obama in next weeks second presidential debate.

He can’t afford to lay another egg.

I suspect he will. He doesn’t want the job.

I think and I have said before, in his eyes 4 years are enough.

What do you think?

Tonight’s VP Debate: The Set Up!

Ryan: I can’t believe he just said that!

This debate tonight is a must win for both!

The Obama Biden Democrats need to win because Obama took a hammering both in the presidential debate and the polls that followed.

For the Romney Ryan ticket they need to win to keep the momentum going.

Key to Victory:

For the Biden folks, he must be aggressive and go to Ryan without causing any of the gaffes he is famous for.

For Ryan he can’t look boring ala his rival Obama in the last debate. He must come off the guy next door.

Who has more at stake tonight?

Obama Biden, two hammerings in a row and their campaign goes into a tailspin.

I will be back with post-debate discussion tonight,stay tuned!

Marissa and Kyle would like you to Help Christopher Speer’s Children!

Please help Taryn and Tanner!

October 16th marks the one year anniversary date of the death of my granddaughter Marissa and her dad Kyle.

As I was thinking about that the other day ( I think about that a lot) I received an email asking me to help out the children of Christopher Speer who was murdered in Afghanistan by Omar Khadr.

It goes without saying that even though I lost a granddaughter it is not the same as being a young kid losing a father and all the memories and fun times that that entails.

I think that Marissa and Kyle would like it very much if I reached out to you through my blog and asked for a little piece of your heart.

It would be great if you could help out, go to the website and help the cause. Contribute whatever you can even if it means at the very least sharing it on your Facebook page or Twitter account.

Together we can make a real difference in these children’s live and perhaps restore some of the hope that they lost when Christopher’s life was taken from them.

Marissa,Kyle and I thank you!

Barack Obama Laid an Egg in the First Debate Tonight!

First Debate: Obama Lays an Egg!

A CNN poll after the debate tonight showed 67% of the people polled ( registered voters I should add) gave the win to Mitt Romney.

In every category,taxes, health care etc. Romney handed Obama his head.

More shocking than all that, the talking heads on liberal leaning CNN also said Romney “Out Obamad Obama”.

it’s not often even former Clinton Campaign manager James Carville gives in and says his team lost.

It was obvious that Obama wasn’t at his best and Romney was.

It seemed that Romney had better knowledge of the facts and was able to attack the President on his record.

Obama rarely went on the attack and in fact I thought he looked like he had aged about 20 years since the last election.

It will be interesting over the next couple of days to see the polling done in the swing states. Did Romney pick up some ground?

What do you think: Was this debate a game changer?

Christy Clark Threatens to Trip the Circuit Breakers!

Christy Clark: Sorry Justin but nobody takes center stage from me!

Not wanting to be one-upped on the news high-lites by the likes of Justin Trudeau, Knucklehead Premier Christy Clark used the occasion of the opening of Trudeau’s coronation to tell the world she will withhold electricity if the pipeline goes ahead without her okay.

One problem with what Clark said is that if and when it gets to that point she will either have been ousted by her own party or sent packing by an angry electorate.

Justin Trudeau on the other hand, well, his world, is about to get a whole lot more exciting after announcing tonight that his hat is in the ring to lead the Liberal Marijuana Party of Canada to oblivion.

I am sure The Prime Minister is sitting back thinking this is the best thing that could have happened to him and the Conservative party.

Trudeau, if as expected, waltzes to the LMPofC leadership more or less uncontested, he will have more than Prime Minister to contend with.

Tommy Mulcair is no dummy and wants to hold onto the title of Patron Saint of Quebec. Trudeau will not get seats in his home province without a fight.

A fight that bodes well for Conservative Party fortunes across Canada as both the NDP and the LMPofC clash and prepare to split whatever vote is out there allowing Harper’s team to come up through the middle and win seats they don’t currently have.

It’s also possible, although I never take the electorate for granted, that the CPC will pick up additional seats with the new riding redistribution under way and expected to be in place before the 2015 campaign.

This should make for a larger majority in 2015 than they have now.

Speaking of elections,Liberals in BC complained during the 2011 federal campaign that they were tarred and feathered with the Gordon Campbell Liberal brush. Just wait until they get painted with the Christy Clark ” I am a federal Liberal in my heart brush”

They will also have the Ghost of Justin’s old man to contend with.For years the west has wanted in and now that we are ” aint no man named Trudeau going take that away from us”

The next LMPof C leader has his work cut out for him. ( it will be no cakewalk for Mulcair either, as by the time 2015 rolls around, Adrian Dix and the BCNDP will have had two years to screw up enough things to have their share of doors slammed in their faces too)

For Justin Trudeau to succeed and show the country he will do politics different and more exciting, he will have to be just like his dad.

He will have to be like his dad in that he will have to stand at the ready with his middle finger, the only difference being he will have to wave it at his own party establishment rather than the electorate in Salmon Arm,BC.

The folks in the LMPofC establishment will no doubt try and refine Justin’s image,something that he cannot allow to happen.( Look for fallout here too!)

What do you think will happen?

Update:Christy Clark on Enbridge: Brainstorming Potential Answers is Not Her Responsibility!

Christy Clark:Well Um Frosty!

The only MSM in town that bothered to report to this point on Inept Premier Clark’s visit with Alberta Premier Redford in Calgary today had the line for the ages.

When asked by reporters about her meeting Clark ,apart from saying it was frosty, advised anybody who would listen ( and by extension anybody who would read the Globe and Mail) that it was not her responsibility to brainstorm for answers regarding the dilemma with Enbridge and the pipeline.

The operative word of course in the quote was ‘Brain’ and we have all learned by now anything to do with that area of the human body is not a Christy Clark strong point.

So Premier Clark, if not your responsibility,whose?

Essentially today’s meeting was a great big waste of Premier Redford’s time.

Why on earth would Clark drop in without any new solutions to restate her position on the project?

Why hasn’t the brainstorming been done?

Could Clark have been hiding in Alberta to avoid bad press over the 12% increase in BC Ferries rates?

Watch the Calgary Herald Video where you will hear Clark’s first words’ Well um it was Frosty”

Clark in Calgary

We have,ladies and gentleman, what sounds like a 12-year-old girl as Premier.

Next she’ll be singing ” The good ship lollipop”!

What an embarrassment!

Need I say more?

What are your thoughts?

UPDATE Some 6 hours after the meeting,NONE of the BC Electronic News Sources( Sun,province,Times Colonist) have a line about the meeting. They are still saying she will meet with Redford later today; Geesh!