Update:Christy Clark on Enbridge: Brainstorming Potential Answers is Not Her Responsibility!

Christy Clark:Well Um Frosty!

The only MSM in town that bothered to report to this point on Inept Premier Clark’s visit with Alberta Premier Redford in Calgary today had the line for the ages.

When asked by reporters about her meeting Clark ,apart from saying it was frosty, advised anybody who would listen ( and by extension anybody who would read the Globe and Mail) that it was not her responsibility to brainstorm for answers regarding the dilemma with Enbridge and the pipeline.

The operative word of course in the quote was ‘Brain’ and we have all learned by now anything to do with that area of the human body is not a Christy Clark strong point.

So Premier Clark, if not your responsibility,whose?

Essentially today’s meeting was a great big waste of Premier Redford’s time.

Why on earth would Clark drop in without any new solutions to restate her position on the project?

Why hasn’t the brainstorming been done?

Could Clark have been hiding in Alberta to avoid bad press over the 12% increase in BC Ferries rates?

Watch the Calgary Herald Video where you will hear Clark’s first words’ Well um it was Frosty”

Clark in Calgary

We have,ladies and gentleman, what sounds like a 12-year-old girl as Premier.

Next she’ll be singing ” The good ship lollipop”!

What an embarrassment!

Need I say more?

What are your thoughts?

UPDATE Some 6 hours after the meeting,NONE of the BC Electronic News Sources( Sun,province,Times Colonist) have a line about the meeting. They are still saying she will meet with Redford later today; Geesh!