Marissa and Kyle would like you to Help Christopher Speer’s Children!

Please help Taryn and Tanner!

October 16th marks the one year anniversary date of the death of my granddaughter Marissa and her dad Kyle.

As I was thinking about that the other day ( I think about that a lot) I received an email asking me to help out the children of Christopher Speer who was murdered in Afghanistan by Omar Khadr.

It goes without saying that even though I lost a granddaughter it is not the same as being a young kid losing a father and all the memories and fun times that that entails.

I think that Marissa and Kyle would like it very much if I reached out to you through my blog and asked for a little piece of your heart.

It would be great if you could help out, go to the website and help the cause. Contribute whatever you can even if it means at the very least sharing it on your Facebook page or Twitter account.

Together we can make a real difference in these children’s live and perhaps restore some of the hope that they lost when Christopher’s life was taken from them.

Marissa,Kyle and I thank you!