Todd Akin is a Legitimate ” Nut”

Out of respect to the man pictured we will no longer refer to these as Bozo eruptions!

What’s worse: Todd Akin saying “women’s bodies are able to prevent pregnancies in “a legitimate rape” situation and that conception is rare in such cases” or that he is running for a major US office and doesn’t get that he is wrong on so many levels it’s disgusting ?

How can somebody with this intelligence level claim to represent anybody, let alone the thousand of women that live in his voting area.

I imagine his wife must be real proud!

This is not the first time Akin’s has got himself into trouble of this type. ( Out of respect for a very famous clown I am not calling this a Bozo eruption. I would not want Bozo‘s good name tarred and feathered by idiots like this)

He went into the annuals of stupidity when he accused all liberals of hating God.

Given his track record how did this guy win the Republican nomination on August 7th, 2012?

How many Republicans are now wishing they had at least Googled him before they voted?

10 thoughts on “Todd Akin is a Legitimate ” Nut””

  1. An interesting tidbit (from Instapundit) about Akin is that the Democrat in the senate campaign spent quite of bit of money on ads promoting this guy in the Republican primary – probably counting on this sort of thing if he were the winner.

  2. What is more disgusting?

    What Aiken said?, or that Canada has NO ABORTION law and children up until birth can be chopped up and thrown out?


    One man says something stupid and every single Canadian media outlet and blog needs to pick it up?

    LOL. Are there not Canadian issues you can cover or are American issues also Canadian.

    1. They all get on the story because it keeps on going. The reason: When one nutter speaks they all line up behind him!

  3. Classic lesson for Poli Sci 101 students on how to go way beyond the pale, deep into the psyche of a woman’s worst nightmare, to the level beyond knuckle dragging Neanderthal to the haunts of the Primal Scream.

    What an unmitigated, unrepentant, creepy, disgusting self righteous bastard. Seriously, he is still allowed near a live, public microphone? Can I honestly think of anything more vile? What an insult to rape victims and women who have to endure the stress and trauma of sexual assault/abuse.

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