The State of Washington Goes to Pot!

Romney: Given tonight’s numbers and my gaffe filled campaign I am on the next flight to Washington State to smoke some of that pot they legalized!

Big news tonight!

Obama wins the election by 100 Electoral Votes and Marijuana was legalized in Washington State and Colorado.

It will be interesting to see the economic implications in Canada for both of these results.

During the run up to the election, polling seemed to show that the women’s vote was going to back Romney.That didn’t happen.

If you read my blog yesterday,I predicted both the outcome of the election and that the women would not support the Republican ticket.

Nobody should be shocked at the numbers tonight.Romney ran one of the most gaffe filled campaigns in US history and both him and his running mate couldn’t even carry their own states.

I will have more tomorrow once some solid numbers come in but I will leave you with this.

The Republicans took on a wounded,lame duck president without a vision for the next 4 years. Obama will now have a free ride as a lame duck because the Republicans will be too busy bickering over what went wrong and who will get the next nomination.

What went wrong was this: In the run up to the nomination Romney was the lesser of all the evils candidate. If the whole party couldn’t get behind him enthusiastically,how on earth did they think the country would?

That and the discussion about religion and abortion. It will bite you every time!

Whether you want to hear it or not, the 2016 election has already begun.

Stay tuned.

This just in: Drive Thru Pot Locations Set to Open in Washington State

5 thoughts on “The State of Washington Goes to Pot!”

  1. Agree.G.Mcrae, as Kinsella said on Sun last night, every time Romney seemed to be gaining momentum, in his words," a Republican nutcase " said something controversial about gays, abortion or rape, and killed off Romney's surge.

    There have also been comments about conservatives on the blogs living in their own echo chambers, and again, I have to agree.

    Charles Krauthammer made a sensible comment about Romney being a "transitional candidate" for the Republicans. He's right about the need for that Party to renew itself with new candidates such as Ryan, Jindal, etc., the old guard has let America down once too often.

  2. I have been saying this for years – each time a politician brings up abortion, they lose 2 votes for every 1 vote they hope to gain. The GOP should have taken a page out of Harper’s playbook and left the abortion topic alone. As a fiscal conservative with a libertarian bent, nothing turns me off more than that and I am sure that was difference in the campaign and not Mitt being the wrong guy.

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