Full Disclosure Needed in Victoria!

5 Years to fix this isn’t long enough!

This past week in BC we have seen two examples where politicians expenses should be fully disclosed.

The first happened with the news of the mess of the BC legislature’s finances.

The second occurred today with the release of the Premier’s office credit card expenses.

This Premier’s office expenses nearly doubled. One reason given was that Clark hosted a couple of Council of Federation meetings. ( Those reading should remember that during the period Campbell’s expenses were audited he hosted a small event known as the Olympics!)

By full disclosure I mean an online view of the actual receipt not just a PDF of the statement.

There should also be an explanation of what the expense was and why it occurred.

As a taxpayer I want to know where these people are spending my money.

The auditor should have power over legislature including the ability to enforce tough penalties when the system is abused.

One penalty that should exist in the case of abuse of expenses ( Taxpayers money) is automatic recall in serious incidents.

The way the system works now,with the politicians overseeing each other, the fox is guarding the hen-house and nothing is happening.

It gives credence to what the average person on the street thinks about our politicians and that would be that they don’t care.

With the reaction this week of Bill Barisoff and the House committee, I would be inclined to agree.

What do you think?