While the Kids Starve the BC Liberals Play Their Games!

The BC Liberal Past 24 Hrs.Started here.

A monster horror show of a day by anybody’s standards is just another day at the office for the BC Liberals.

To Wit : The Christy Clark team, as they were winding down their night yesterday were digesting the news that they were once again caught with their hand in the cookie jar regarding the Anti-Dix web-site. Likely as they were tucking themselves in, blackberries went off with the news that BC Liberal-South Abbotsford Abbotsford executive had resigned en masse over the forced nomination of candidate Daryl Plecas.

After tossing and turning all night I would imagine they awoke wondering what next.

What next would have been more stunning news from the land of BC Liberal booze where Gary Mason exposed the Rich Coleman collect a donation for a tax refund scheme.

Think that was the worst news of the day? Think again.

For Premier Christy Clark and her party who have spent her entire leadership career strumming the ole banjo and singing families first comes the news that BC owns a 14.3 per cent child poverty rate, the second worst in Canada.

The report says to cure child poverty the BC Liberal government must attack child poverty with the same gusto that they attack jobs.

Lets hope not. On November 2,2012 the job report was released indicating that BC had lost 11,000 jobs, more than any other province.

Just another day at the office for Clark and her inept bunch.