Shirley Bond and Pat Bell should do the Right Thing and Step Down! #bcpoli #canpoli #princegeorgewoodinnovationcenter

Kash Heed: For Integrity reasons alone you should resign!

The Prince George Wood Innovation and Design Center has become even more controversial today with BC Liberal Kash Heed calling for his colleagues, Ministers Bell and Bond to resign.

Heed has experience with both ministerial controversy and stepping aside, having done so twice.

Both times Heed did not waste any time doing so.

In his column in the Huffington Post, Heed explains about integrity and why it’s important especially at the executive level of government.

I agree with him and I think the two ministers should stand down until this mess is cleared up.

As Heed says integrity in Government starts right from the executive council down through the backbench.

Lack of trust in the premier and her cabinet is the main reason the Christy Clark Today’s BC Liberals are so low in the polls and will likely get blown out in the coming election.

The least they could do for the electing public is show a little class before they are shown the door!