Rumour Du Jour- BCNDP Leadership Contest #bcpoli #canpoli #bcndp

Goodbye Tommy Mulcair; it was fun while it lasted!

The Rumor Mill is working over time trying to generate some interst in the BCNDP Leadership race.( Is there one? )

Today overheard more than once the rumour of Kennedy Stewart leaving federal politics and throwing his hat in the provincial ring.

In case you don’t know who Kennedy is, go here.

Kennedy could stand a few lessons in bio writing as evidenced here. ( Whoever said there is no I in team)

If true, that would add to the rumor list of defecting federal NDPers supposedly leaving.

Stories out of Toronto have already been spreading that Olivia Chow will leave to take on Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

This spells bad news for Tom Mulcair and his party who see Justin Trudeau and his crew in their rear view mirror who lock to be a lock to become official opposition in 2015.

Hearing this rumor one would imagine Christy Clark must be shaking in her boots! ( sarcasm intended)

4 thoughts on “Rumour Du Jour- BCNDP Leadership Contest #bcpoli #canpoli #bcndp”

  1. The 2011 election success for the NDP was a tribute to Jack Layton's ability to fool a lot of the people a lot of the time, through his charisma and well-crafted public image. They will probably never reach those heights again,especially with the political version of "Oscar the Grouch" in charge.

    Ironically, Mulcair is a much more accomplished person than Layton the silver spoon baby ever was, but today it's about image,not experience or ability.

    I expect quite few of the wiser NDP MP's to abandon ship for the more friendly climes of Provincial politics, especially in B.C., Manitoba,Ontario, and the Maritimes,where that Party is usually in government or Opposition.

    With Kennedy's CV, how did he spend all those years learning economics, yet still support the NDP? I get the feeling he's just another socialist redistributionist who slept through too many classes on economics.

    In other words, the typical B.C. NDP'er. He's better looking than the shrewish Dix,and has an attractive wife,though, so that should help.

    And politics in B.C. will remain the same, with a choice between crooks or commies.

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