Premier Christy Clark: She Broke the Law and Lied about it!

One of these people broke the law and lied,do you know which one?

So Premier Christy Clark is once again in the news. This time for not only breaking the law but also for blatantly lying about it!

Clark,who went through a red light at 5:10 am one morning shrugged it off because of the time the in fraction occured. This from the Premier of the province who should know better.

Her shrugging off the infraction because of the time, sends a messgae to drug drivers, gang hit people and all other scoflaws that breaking the law is okay as long as you do it around 5 am when no one is apparently watching.

I can only imagine the bodies piling up as a result of the Premiers statement.

To make matters worse she blatantly lied about her statment and claimed she did not say that when it is clearly on video.

So our Premier, who is running in election 2013, thinks it’s okay not only break the law but cover it up!

On May 14, 2013 do British Columbia a favor, help the Premier pack her bags and vote her out of office.

Enough is enough!