Political Insider Calls By-Election in Favor of Christy Clark! #bcpoli #canpoli

The BC Hydro File will quickly wipe the smile of of Clark’s face!

With 35% of the polls reporting and Christy Clark getting 61% of the vote, I think we can safely say that the by-election is over and now the province can get down to the business of watching Clark govern.

She’s got some fancy dancing to do given the hefty increases that are purported to be in the works on the BC Hydro file.

It should not be a tough task for her and Minister Bennet.

As has been reported over and over ad nauseum during the waste of taxpayers money known as the by-election: It only takes Clark 5 minutes to get familiar with a file.

She’ll need every second of that 5 minutes because that’s the file that will cause the government and by extension the taxpayers the big headaches over the next few years,

Get ready because the increases are coming courtesy of the just voted in Clark and the BC Liberal-Bc Hydro deferral accounts.

Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Political Insider Calls By-Election in Favor of Christy Clark! #bcpoli #canpoli”

  1. I've been saying she'd win with 60% of the vote, since the day she announced the K-W byelection. If you know that Riding, you had to know it was a lock for CC. Gordon Campbell devastated BC Hydro with sweet deals for his buddies in private power corporations, and I understand the contracts are long term, so there isn't much Clark could do, assuming she even wants to. And, as cash-strapped as the BC government is, all they will do is raise rates for power and everything else they can get away with.

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