Moe Sihota and Christy Clark: Two Bollywood Actors Who Deserve Each Other! #bcpoli #bcndp #election2013


One One hand you have a premier who undoubtedly thinks that in her heart she is a Bollywood actress and on the other hand you have a simpleton NDPer who after his party slams the BC Liberals for the sham that is known as the “faux” Bollywood awards, cozys up right next to her proving once and for all he ( Moe Sihota) is politically inept .

Of course Sihota is no garden variety NDPer, he is the President and he should know better.

This is also no climb up the IQ scale for Clark as she once again demonstrates that she is clueless as she hitches herself up to Sihota and his checkered past.

Lets be clear, this is not a case of two parties working together, this picture is an example of the kind of rank opportunism that both Clark and Sihota are famous for.

If Adrian Dix and his team had been thinking election 2013 would be a cake walk, Sihota linking himself up with the Faux Premier at the Faux Bollywood awards will remind the public how similar and sleazy these two parties are.

It’s just another reason why it’s time for a change as the two so called main parties continue to show a mirror image of themselves.

Kinda makes the BC Conservatives and the Green Party look appealing doesn’t it?

The election is a little over a week away and already the fun has begun. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Moe Sihota and Christy Clark: Two Bollywood Actors Who Deserve Each Other! #bcpoli #bcndp #election2013”

  1. I’m voting bc conservative only because I can’t stand cristy clark and I hate Slow Moe sihota he was involved in the wire tapping of the attorney General Bud smith and played the tape to the media. which he should be in jail for. because it was illegal to wire tapp at time. he was also one that was involved in the Glen pinochio clarks house gate scandal where adreianne dix bye the way forged documents just to cover there butts

  2. I wouldn’t vote for any of them to be dog-catcher, especially the 2 in this article. BC really,really, really deserve better than what we’re about to be offered.

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