Greece Elections: We are not quite out of the woods yet!

I won! now what?

The Pro Bailout forces have prevailed in today’s Greek elections.

However there are still a couple of things to watch for:

1) Will they be able to form a coalition that lasts ? ( Unlike the last one that didn’t)

2) Will the New Democracy part back off their idea of trying to re-negotiate the bailout agreement?

If they don’t and the folks in Berlin don’t like what they see and hear all bets are off. ( This relates to any monkeying around of deficit targets the Greeks might want to change)

So keep your hand basket at the ready.

What do you think?

Will cooler, saner heads prevail or will today’s result no matter what happens just prolong the inevitable?

4 thoughts on “Greece Elections: We are not quite out of the woods yet!”

  1. All of the above is very informative and thank you for posting it. But for those of us at home, really there is one bottom line question. Should our government agree to prop up the IMF in order to bail out Greece?

    The answer is a VERY FIRM NO.

  2. From the cradle of democracy springs an epic Greek tragedy of sloth, indolence, and bickered broken deals. Until Greece starts collecting all taxes owed by its own citizens, it will only prolong the inevitable.

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