Greece Goes to the Polls!

The radical left Siryza clamoring for their money back after a shitty plate of calamari at their local restaurant!

Tomorrow, Sunday, the good citizens of Greece go to the polls while the whole world waits out the calamity that it will be, should the left leaning Syriza win the election.

This party has been surging in the polls with the depressed Greeks considering casting a protest vote over the bailout deal that has been worked on for awhile.

With their apparent surge coupled with the strength of the New Democracy party there will probably be no clear cut winner.

This will lead to a coalition.( Horror of horrors where have we heard that word before).

Should the Syriza somehow win you can expect very quickly the markets will go to hell in a hand basket.

This also will cause major economic mayhem that will not only affect Spain and Italy but have far reaching affects across the ocean.( Canadian and US banks for example hold bonds on those countries so if they default we start down the slippery slope of recession)

So in this country,when the pollsters call and when you cast your vote,remember the mess that socialists cause and think at least twice if not more before you vote BCNDP or Federal NDP.

My prediction the Greeks will screw up and vote a shaky coalition thereby causing mayhem in their country and force another election anyways.

Why will the coalition not work? One wants a bailout the other doesn’t. They will never get along.

The end result: We reached the end of the runway ( Stole that from PM Harper) and 2008 will likely seem like a walk in the park!

What do you think?