Clark to Call By-Election in Westside-Kelowna!

Stewart to take one for the team!

As discussed earlier this week the by-election that the Premier hopes will catapult her into the house for a spring session will be called this afternoon.

It will be held in the riding of Westside-Kelowna.

As usual Alex G Tsakumis was bang on with his piece wherein he said it would be in this riding.

Well done Alex!

What will the BC Conservatives do?

Stay tuned….

6 thoughts on “Clark to Call By-Election in Westside-Kelowna!”

  1. The mainstream media people should hang their heads in shame for promoting this poor excuse for a politician not to say a human being, Crusty Crunch. What a disgrace for the people of this province!

    1. No need to go overboard with the rhetoric,Zyg. Clark is a typical self-interested Canadian politician who looks after her friends when in a position of power. She isn't Hitler.

      This and all Canadian Provinces have a long and tawdry history of electing less than ideal candidates,just like every other Country on the planet. We don't have to hang our heads in shame over rejecting an anti-industry marxist, and we didn't vote for CC the first time around.

  2. Yes, AGT called this one right. Too bad for those of us in the Okanagan, Ben Stewart's a decent and capable person, good business background, not the type of MLA you'd want to lose.I figured it might be Ralpk Sultan. He's been around since 2001, and Stewart's only done one term.

    Christy will win in a walk in this Riding.

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