Christy Clark’s Today’s BC Liberals:The Implosion Continues! #bcpoli #christyclark

Christy Clark: Name off the signs: Check .Wonder if they will notice me hiding in the crowd,you know in my heart I’m a……..

Doesn’t matter if her name is in the party logo or not, this is still the Christy Clark led BC Liberals and the party can’t escape that as hard as they try.

Tonight at UBC was the first of many all candidates debates in the riding the premier will eventually lose and she ducked it.

I would expect that ducking debates and staying in hiding will be par for the course throughout this campaign as the party looks to salvage some seats and distance themselves from the mess that Clark has created.

A couple of things worthy of note : The few pro Clark people who are left say wait until the writ has been dropped, Clark is the best campaigner on the planet. The problem with that theory as I have heard many a time over the last little while, is that Clark has been in campaign mode since she was elected by the party. If that’s a great campaigner I’d hate to see what a bad one looks like.

Secondly you only shine in an actual campaign when your party lines up with you and allows you to campaign. Give the scrapping of her name on the logo and her recent disappearing acts I find it hard to believe Clark will be campaigning much at all.

To toss more fuel to the fire comes a report from Keith Baldrey that puts yet another nail in the Christy Clark Today’s BC Liberal Party.

Apparently a civil war is brewing inside the party.

Strangely enough battle lines are being drawn over who will take power once the election is over and Clark is cast aside.

With two weeks to go until the writ is dropped it makes you wonder why anybody would want to run for them.( Surrey residents having been asking the question ” Marvin Hunt what were you thinking?”)

Usually political parties wait until after the election to knife their leader. But not the Today’s BC Liberals, they already took the scissors to her name on the signs. A knifing is nothing to this tired crew.

Where will the Christy Clark Today’s BC Liberals Civil War lead to next?

Who else will lose out in this tired affair ( other than those Liberals who will be swept away by the electorate)? Rich Coleman?

Stay tuned, this election will anything but boring!

11 thoughts on “Christy Clark’s Today’s BC Liberals:The Implosion Continues! #bcpoli #christyclark”

  1. No. I think it will be boring. A needless exercise in screwy Westminster style politics.
    She and the Liberals don't have a mandate to govern BC anymore.
    And the only reason they did in past was by deceit and trickery.

    You have rune the clock out Christy. Give it up.

  2. Christy was "too busy running the Province"! I might add, "into the ground". When I was young, a long time ago, I had faith in our political leaders, Dief, Duff, and Lester, but the last forty years, I've lost trust in most of our political leaders. And it's because so many of them have shown their lack of integrity and/or common sense.

    Christy Clark is SO incapable of running a major enterprise like this Province, and she demonstrates that inability almost daily. She raves on about "jobs" and "families" yet seems to gave no understanding of where the jobs come from. Political lightweight? Hell, she's a political featherweight.

    She may have dazzled the members of the Liberal Party with her nice, big teeth, but the rest of the people are very unimpressed. I expect she'll try to run for the Liberals federally in 2015, as she IS a political animal and has no talent or ability for anything else but politics.

  3. A comment by Lew at The Gazetteer:

    At the Truck Logger's convention in January, Christy Clark had this to say about Adrian Dix:

    "We're supposed to be in a democracy, in a competition of ideas. How can you have a competition of ideas when only one person has their ideas on the table? I think refusing to be honest with the public about where you stand on issues is going at some point to be a serious liability for the Opposition, because British Columbians are going to quite rightly say, 'We deserve to know.'".

    Guess she was just kidding…

    1. True There are no ideas on the table from Clark and the way this election is shaping up people won’t care when she does.It’s all about sending her and her party packing…

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