Christy Clark’s Families First Agenda takes another Hit!

We are reviewing take a number please!

So whatever happened to picking up the phone and talking with another ministry.

Why does everything have to be reviewed ad nausea?

Case in point:Three provinces ( Ontario,Quebec and Saskatchewan) fund a breast cancer test that examines genes and helps predict whether breast cancer will return to patients that have formerly had the disease.

In BC if a women wants to get this test done,it costs her and her family $4,000 out of her or her family’s pocket.

The outcome of this test is used by doctors as a tool to decide whether or not Chemotherapy should be undertaken.

The Oncologists changed their mind 30% of the time as a result of findings this test provided.

Seems like a good test and a great deal for families having to go through the torture of Chemotherapy.

In Christy Clark’s BC calling the other provinces who fund the test and asking for faxed copies of their studies does not appear to be an option.

They will undertake yet another review ( you remember we are reviewing the justice system?)

You would think a government with a family first agenda who sucks in the polls would get on this a little quicker.

That is if they really cared about families.

What do you think?