Christy Clark: Leadership Vacuum at the Top!

Christy Clark: In my heart I belong on a Bollywood stage

The optics of last nights Bollywood spending spree by the premier were awful.

The Christy Clark BC Liberal Government pledges $11 million dollars for the copycat film awards ( BC lost the real McCoy days earlier) and in vain attempt to save face, Clark and her handlers picked the occasion of a town hall meeting to “Save BC Film” to make her announcement.

Of course Bollywood investment is important but there is a time and a place to make the big splash. The night when your own film industry meets to find solutions to save the industry from disappearing is not it.

Not only do the people of BC film feel like they got a slap in the face but it gives Clark an excuse for not showing up and answering the tough questions that these folks might have.

Clark does this a lot as evidenced by her making a You tube video instead of showing up at the Coast Guard rally this past weekend.

This is nothing more than the kind of weak leadership we have come to expect from Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Government.

We deserve better!

7 thoughts on “Christy Clark: Leadership Vacuum at the Top!”

  1. Just saw the comment about hard working government types creating our opportunities. Tell that to the workers, business builders and investors who put their own personal capital on the line to create growth. The problem with the BC Liberals is their complete sense of entitlement and inflated egos as witnessed by the comment above – and that is why they will deservingly lose this next election.

  2. That is the most appropriate title I have ever read. This milf truly has a vacuum where grey stuff should be residing. Welcome back foghorn couldn’t stay quiet eh!.

  3. Mr.Krueger, (MLA for Kamloops-North Thompson, Liberal) you failed to mention the role of Stephen Harper in building trade relationships with Asia.

    If the BC Liberals expect the support of us federal Conservatives, you had better start showing a more positive attitude toward our PM.

  4. This is SUCH stupid criticism. The government's decision is part of our plan to build a vastly larger trading relationship with India, as we have with China. The 2 countries have the largest emerging middle classes in the world; India's is the size of the entire population of the USA. People didn't believe a tiny population like B.C.'s could make headway in a huge population like China; now they buy more B.C. lumber than the USA. That was accomplished by building a relationship between our province and China, one opportunity at a time, – and those opportunities were created by hard-working Premiers and Cabinet Ministers.

    1. Premier Campbell for all of his faults would have at least faced the tough questions,Clark doesn’t. BC also doesn’t act on its own when it comes to trade with India as evidenced by the trade missions undertaken by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government.

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