Christy Clark: In My Heart I Want A Bridge #bcpoli #canpoli

What’s in this Premier’s heart this week?

Hot on the heels of my post last week, who is the worst premier, BC Premier Christy Clark returns to center stage with her speech saying that construction will begin in 2017 with a new bridge to replace the George Massey Tunnel.

So where will the money come from, who will pay, why do we need it and what’s in it for Clark.

When asked the cost the premier had no idea nor did she allude to how we were going to pay for it. She simply said that it will be along the same lines as the Port Mann Bridge.

No doubt there will be tolls because as we all know by now , in her heart BC Premier Clark runs a toll booth with the tolling of the Port Mann and the Golden Ears.

What else is in it for Clark? The next election is in 2017 and if shovels hit ground Clark will be able to snag votes from those commuters who will thank her in kind by reelecting or electing new BC liberal MLAs.

Those for the project go on the record and say that the bridge will be built for a couple of reasons firstly that the existing tunnel only has a life span of about 10 years and might cause a little mayhem in the event of an earthquake.

Secondly they say that replacing the tunnel with a bridge will allow for more ships to pass by.

Most people gloss right over that with a typical for sure it will.

What you should be asking and what is key to what’s in it for Clark is what will be on those ships that the new bridge will allow to pass.

If you said oil and gas you would know really what’s in it for Clark and why she will stop at nothing to get it.

Kinda like building a pipeline with the end piece first, isn’t it?

She wouldn’t do that would she?

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  1. While I believe that Christy is a showboater and phony, She also knows that BC (let alone Canada) is 20-25 years behind in Transportation Infrastructure, That fact is that the Public was consulted and the Consensus of the Public is to build a new bridge over the Fraser where the Massey Tunnel is.

    – the real issue for the Liberals is this- When are they going to finish off othe projects Like the "Kicking Horse Project- Phase 4", "Cariboo Connector ", "Four-laning of Trans-Canada between Kamloops and Alberta" and last but not least the Four-laning of Hwy 97 between Greata and Coquihalla Connector south of West Kelowna? We need a real Vision for Transportation Infrastructure for the Interior!

    Question for the "Polictical Insider" how else are we to pay for dearly needed INFRASTRUCTURE in BC unless we use Tolling, maybe Liberals should up our BC portion of income taxes-or should we uses user-pay tolling. Why should someone from Fort Nelson pay more taxes to provide the people of Greater Vancouver a new bridge over Fraser when tolling could provide funds provided by the people of Lower Mainland who actually use the "Bridges" to commute to work,home and recreation!

    Maybe we should be more concern about Welfare Reform(especially cutting off Able-bodied Welfare recipients) and Dismantling the Ministry of Children & Family Depravity, Installing a Real BC Log Market to generate additional revenues for extracting Timber. Its not just about Spending smarter, Its about Cutting Spending in Minsitry's that are a drain on Public Treasurey that do little to contribute to the Economy

    1. That is the million dollar question.

      Eventually everybody pays whether you use it or not.

      The trucking companies will pass their portion of any toll on to suppliers,grocers etc. who will pass it on to consumers via higher prices in the market.

      You will pay the toll no matter where you live.

  2. Yes,she'd "do that".
    So,the NDP will now elect a new Leader, but keep the same old bullsh!t socialist policies.

    B.C. desperately needs an alternative to the Liberal thieves and the NDP economic destroyers,but every time the Conservative Party starts up,they get hijacked by the Christian far Right,and go straight down the tubes,as we've seen twice in the past decade.

    Christy's playing at "pavement politics",and why not,it worked well for WAC Bennett for twenty years.

    1. It worked extremely well!

      It is time for a fresh new Conservtive alternative that if anything, is “hijacked’ by concerned taxpayers.

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