BC LIberals are to Blame for the Downgrade Issued By Moody’s

I’ll Leave that to Mike to get us out of this Mess!

You bet the Downgrade to AAA Negative from AAA Stable lands in the Lap of the BC Liberal government.

Moody’s issued the downgrade based on a weak economy and weak commodity prices.

In fact that should not catch anybody sleeping at their desk especially those in the political staff in the office of our inept government.

The Ministry of Finance issues a yearly publication entitled The Yearly Financial and Economic Review.

Had the folks in budget planning read at least until they got to page 6 they would have seen that natural gas was trading even lower in 2011 than it was in 2010.

We know from the last economic update a few weeks back that that figure is even worse now and took a lot of the blame for the increase in the deficit from our fearless Finance Minister Mike ( Don’t worry I will still balance the budget within two months) de Jong.

If you are familiar with the expression bullshit baffles brains; be prepared for the Liberals to do everything they can ( Including having Suhk Dhaliwal say he supports the BC Liberal Government‘s Economic record ) to henceforth pull out all the stops to,well, baffle your brain.

This all happened, by the way while the house was not in session ,because the BC Liberal retreaded Ministers had to spend that time getting familiar with their files?

Next thing you know, they will tell the house in the spring they need more time to get the budget in order when they put through legislation to change the fixed election date.

They wouldn’t do that would they?

3 thoughts on “BC LIberals are to Blame for the Downgrade Issued By Moody’s”

  1. That’s no way to speak of our personally proclaimed milf.This dummy is doing the best she can but because she is not capable of doing any thing it means everything she does is bassacwards.

  2. Reality means nothing ,perception is everything. the BC liberal and premier Clark are so out of touch and lack any basic common sense there are simply unaware of their own gross incompetence.they don’t care what BC taxpayers think anymore since they will be able to walk away from all the messes they have created..The Liberals are going to make sure their corporate pals are taking care of is number one priority before increasing pension and severance package before may 2013 election How many times can premier Clark say the word “may” without losing all credibility? .No wonder Clark has gone AWOL again this week and avoided a legislative session to debate the bill which she at one time stated was so urgent and important.premier Christy Clark public statement when she said “Families first”. Your motto “Families First” was so meaningless unless you meant “Chinese families first”. the BC liberals are quick to help out some immigrant that has not put a nickel into our economy.and are strong supporter of the temporary foreign worker program All the Bc liberal have to say is the employees require “specialized knowledge”.Premeir Clark promised to get our spending under control by cutting the deficit in half. But today, she broken those promises. And now, her words have no credibility. premier Clark simply hasn’t shown the kind of leadership we need . Clark has a long record of taking take credit for things she had nothing to do with.premier clark is just so transparent and phony and seems to think she can just “charm “his way out her flip-flopping…but it ain’t working.Her plan is to bluff her way through every problem with platitudes and the big grin! That’s what has worked for her all her life and if the people of B.C. let her get away with it, she’ll keep using it. I love how Christy just refuses to address issues brought up – she simply ignores them.Most liberal policticians never meet with the actual people they claim to represent. Instead, they spend their time cavorting with corporate CEO and hired lobbyish who operate based on the simple principle of greed.big coperate money has corrupted our bc liberal policticians.people without prinicpals are poor poltiicans

  3. In the grand scheme of things, is this huge? Of course not. The question is whether or not it was necessary, and the answer is a resounding ‘no’.

    What it speaks to is the Liberals’ socialist tax-and-spend ways, just like their big brothers and sisters in Ottawa. They believe that the current debt-to-GDP ratio means they should spend while the credit’s easy.

    You heard it here first: their spin will be to say that is was ‘unavoidable’, that ‘no one could have predicted the 2008 financial crunch’, etc. Tell me, what’s more pathetic: Obama blaming Bush for all his problems or Christy blaming the 2008 financial meltdown for hers? It’ll be 2013 soon, so when do governments start taking responsibility for their own actions?

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