Adrian Dix: New Angus Reid Poll Proves He is in the Right Role! #bcpoli #bccp #canpoli

Adrian Dix: The Best Opposition Leader!

Today’s released Angus Reid poll shows Adrian Dix at the top of the list ( tied with Nova Scotia Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil) as the best opposition leader.

Perhaps then since Dix has played the role so well he should be returned there after the next election to continue.

After all if you are good at something you should play to your strengths, correct?

In the who would make the best premier list Brad Wall finished first while Ontario’s Dalton McGuinty
finished last.

This is after McGuinty saw the writing on the wall and announced his resignation.

That would therefore imply that our Premier, Christy Clark,who finished second last would actually be the last once McGuinty leaves.

What should she do?

5 thoughts on “Adrian Dix: New Angus Reid Poll Proves He is in the Right Role! #bcpoli #bccp #canpoli”

  1. pretty hard for him to go back to opposition when you have a member on blogging tories knocking the B.C conservatives. Everytime something dosen't go the way he wants it to. I agree he should hold him accountable but he should also make sure he knows who is getting all the good press. we don't have anyother party who will be able to chalange the ndp anymore. I don't like what the conservatives do either. but quite frankly I am scared of not supporting them. if the ndp get into power in bc. were buggerd. so for now please stop criticiszing the B.C Conservatives. just for now. remember I do agree with people on what they should and should not do. but look what the we have for choices. sorry for my spelling.

  2. BC taxpayer want a honest goverment all Adrian Dix has to do, is be honest with BC taxpayer and tell the truth , and not try to sugar coat tough decisions and remember you were elected to represent the people of BC , not foreign corporation or Ottawa ,BC must come first it is that simple WE WANT A HONEST GOVERNMENT!.The BC taxpayer deserve better. BC taxpayers fed up with the liberals lies deceit and corruption from all liberal politicians at every turn! the Liberal government is only there to fill their own pockets and help their corporate friends Ie: supporting the temporary foreign worker program, is one example.The B.C. Liberals wrote the playbook of trying to conduct dirty tricks, like hiring people to call radio stations attacking NDP, etc, they must believe BC taxpayers are stupid ,gullible passive fools.Premier Christy Clark public statement when she said “Families first”. was so meaningless” unless you meant “Chinese families first”. ignoring BC residents and workers. Why did not the BC liberals train young Canadian residents and future taxpayers to be trades people.They most likely planned to bring in foreign workers all along because its cheaper favors corporation,It’s just another attempt to force unions out and lower wages for BC residents and standard of living increasing foreign owned corporate profits.The Chinese miners are NOT immigrants, they are low wage slaves to the Mining companies.Premier Clark has changed her political position so many times and has been know to take credit for things she had nothing to do with. They are intentionally trying to deceive and delude the public,to keep NDP from being elected with there 15 million dollars taxpayer ads.Clarks government does not listen to the voters and has not for the past decade. In fact it is not listening even now. Premier clark promised to get our spending under control by cutting the deficit in half. But today, she broken those promises. And now, her words have no credibility. premeir clark simply hasn’t shown the kind of leadership we need. We face crises today which requires a steady hand, and a leader focused on the job. But Premier Clark focus has been on saving her own job,All this leaves BC taxpayers wondering, Where is the leadership? Now, in the face of the BC worst economic crisis in history, she bring in foreign worker and giving away BC resources and selling BC assets.When the liberal government hands you money and you have a monopoly you should balance the books every time.The BC liberal government is directly 100% responsible for the bad shape Bc ferries, translink , the health system worksafebc , ICBC and other goverment organizations.Let’s bring on a full scale BC Rail fraud inquiry and uncover the fraudulent details about the Basi — Virk payoff.You have refused to listen and now its too late! BC taxpayer deserve a honest goverment.. premier Clark and senior liberal bureaucrats are so out of touch & lack any basic common sense there are simply unaware of their own gross incompetence.Public preconception is everything. They are incapable are understand.

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