Adrian Dix Blames Election Loss on those who moved on because they lost their jobs! #bcpoli #canpoli #bcndp

Adrian Dix: A Leader I am Not!

As crazy as it sounds,today,at the weekend conference of blame the BCNDP is holding to determine what went wrong during the May election,Adrian Dix blamed a large part of the loss on those folks who are blue collar workers and NDP supporters who lost their jobs and moved on .

This is a totally illogical statement coming from the man who, without warning, changed his position on the Kinder Morgan project which surely cost them the election. In fact it still has not occurred to Adrian that by opposing this project it would result in the loss of more of those blue collar jobs he has accused the BC Liberals of scaring off.

In fact if the BCNDP wants some hindsight into why they lost they should simply read Gary Mason’s excellent column in the Globe. It details for the most part why the Liberals won and how they came back from the dead.

From my work in the field during the election,Mason only left out one part of the NDP defeat and it was it important and it was this : After the Kinder Morgan fiasco which led to Dix’s lousy performance at the debate, my field operatives started reporting to me that Dix’s people has told them that Dix was such a wimpster they were staying home and were not prepared to vote for him.

The NDP,instead of putting the election on cruise control,should have been hammering the Liberals on their record and their litany of scandals.

As for the debate, BC Conservative leader John Cummin’s first line had a prophetic vision attached to it, just not in the way we thought. If you recall he said: You are tuned in tonight because you know Christy Clark and the BC Liberals are going to lose the election and you want to see what kind of premier Adrian Dix will make.

The people saw alright and what resulted was a BC Liberal majority!

5 thoughts on “Adrian Dix Blames Election Loss on those who moved on because they lost their jobs! #bcpoli #canpoli #bcndp”

  1. Dix tried to put the blame on the Liberals for the loss of forestry jobs, which has been in decline since the 1980's, but he was dreaming if he thinks all the blue collar workers support the NDP. I was one of those, a forestry contractor, and also a shop steward in the BCGEU, and believe me, there was as much variety of political opinion in those areas as anywhere else.

    Dix demonstrated clearly that he has no understanding of economics, and THAT became clear in the debates, and John Cummins zinged both Dix and Sterk on those points.

    It was evident we had a stark choice, crooks or amateurs playiing social engineers, and we figured that we were better off with the former. As that old saying goes, approximately; "tyrants will eventually be sated but those who rule for our own good will never rest".

  2. that's not what happened Adrian Dix all the people who would have voted conservative jumped ship and voted bc liberal so you would nver get into power. that's what happened. and none of your people turned up to vote.

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