World Markets today!

Up a bit today!

What do you know the markets were up a bit today but traders are still very cautious with the EU summit just around the corner.

Numbers at Close:TSX — 11,410.94 +76.52 0.68%

S&P 500 — 1,331.85 +11.86 0.90%

Dow — 12,627.01 +92.34 0.74%

Nasdaq — 2,875.32 +21.26 0.74%

Tomorrow; Rim Q3 earnings. Analysts expect 1 cent per share,we will see!

TD Bank says without steps toward fiscal integration the crisis will not be contained.( Think we kind of knew that)

Lets see what tomorrow US and Friday’s Canadian economic numbers say as we head into the weekend.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “World Markets today!”

  1. I really don’t believe anyone who says “Don’t worry – Be happy” . The very first official post war baby boomers turned retirement age in Feb. 2011. (Those who were born 9 months after V.E. day 1945). The baby boom increased steadily for the next 15 years and started to peter out in the early 60’s. That means every year for the next 15 years or so we are going to feel the effects of this demographic bubble.

    We will have more and more people who are consuming more than they are contributing. These people have also lived a life of comparative luxury and so have their children. The adjustment to a far leaner economy will not be a pleasant one.

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