The Only Things Certain in Life: Death and Taxes!

Death and Taxes Politically Speaking!

Everybody has been saying all summer that once September rolls around ,politics in BC will get real interesting.

Well what do you know September is here and just look at the past two days.

Yesterday,BCNDP leader Adrian Dix came out of the closet and actually said something. Horror of horrors he said what we all knew all along. He is going to raise taxes!

He was talking about corporate taxes of course.

He says he is going to raise those taxes up to 2008 rates.

You could make the argument they are already there with the tax increases the BC Liberals have levied on business.

You remember the new holiday and the increase in minimum wage tax.

This spelled the death of the video game industry in British Columbia.

What did Christy Clark about all this? Not much really, she was to busy outlining to the electorate what a rotten place Victoria is to spend time in with the lack of real people and all.

Note to Christy: When those people who are not real step behind a voting booth they are just as real as anybody else. I would think anybody that was thinking of voting for you would now be changing their minds.

I would also think those people in other parts of BC, most notably the ones in your riding who sent you to Victoria in the first place, will now be having second thoughts, now that they know how much you hate it.

Meanwhile,over at the BC Conservative Party,John Cummins and Crew were too busy warding of a small group of agitators ( More on this in a future post later this week) to have much time to comment on any of this.

It seems, however a voice of reason and sanity has risen from the ashes in the form of North Cowichan Councillor and BC Conservative Party Presidential Candidate Al Siebring who was quoted as saying “We have to show that we’re a credible force and we have to do that first of all by showing that we know how to conduct and govern ourselves”.

He is right of course and that conduct must show itself at the conclusion of this weeks BC Conservative Party AGM .

Otherwise it’s DEATH ( two political parties) and more TAXES( BCNDP) next May.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “The Only Things Certain in Life: Death and Taxes!”

  1. Even if adrian dix really did come out of the closet exactly whats wrong with that? We would vote him into office on his credentials not his orientation wouldn’t we.

    As for the 2008-2009 tax talk wasn’t gas down around 80-85 cents a gallon and wasn’t hydro and ferry costs low as well?

    Dix may only be the lesser of the evils but at least it is the lesser isn’t it.We haven’t heard from any one of consequence as of yet.

  2. Sorry but this “small group of agitators” expresses the feelings of a lot of people. For the BC Conservatives to stand a chance, they need to dump Cummings, as he continues to show he is not the man for the job.

    1. This was in “Spam” sorry. I have to review that more often.

      I think that now that a new board has been elected with people that haven’t been involved at that level with the party before it give the party a chance to move forward with a clean slate and get some new opinions. I hope you are wrong and that the 71% that voted in favour of no leadership renewal are right.

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